Monday, October 6, 2014

My Heart Hurts!

Ah, just look at these faces. These are faces of people who are just happy to be alive in October.

And we're missing one person's face, because he decided to make goofy expressions in every picture I took with him, and then made me promise that I wouldn't publish them on the internet. :)

We took our annual trip to Eckert's this weekend, and it was full of all of the country music pickin, kettle corn wafting, carnival ride fun that we've come to love so much over the years. Not that it took us years to love it...cause well...Eric and I loved it before we even had kids. We went back to our favorite farm in Belleville this year. Most people love the Millstadt farm, but this is the location we enjoy the most. Spent an entire afternoon having fun for twenty bucks. (That would pay for TWO of us just to get in at the Millstadt farm, haha. Guess why Belleville is our favorite!)

The girls loved this ride! I appreciate that the rides here last about three times as long as any other carnival we go to.

It was a beautiful day!

We already knew that the girls go nuts over inflatable slides, but Reagan had never tried anything like them before. I was hesitant to let my almost (but not quite!) two year old climb all the way up to the top on his own...cause hard telling what he would do once he was up there, haha. But the ride attendant said, "He can try!" and Eric thought we should let him so, after the girls took a turn....

...Reagan climbed all the way up! And then he came on down!

Haha, despite the look on his face here, he was hooked after this! Climbed up again and didn't want to leave this spot. I might have been lamenting the fact that my children are getting way too big. There's no way my baby is old enough for stuff like this.

We spent the entire day playing on the Fun Farm. I had really wanted to take a ride out to the pumpkin patch, but I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I say the lines were longer than anything we saw at Disney World! It was 1/2 price pumpkin weekend, so everyone in the county decided to come and do their pumpkin picking. Eric - my budgeting, money-concious Eric - said that he would gladly pay twice as much for a pumpkin if it meant not standing in that line. So we decided to come back another day just for that. I wasn't going to complain about it! Anyone want to join us? :)

Instead, we decided to go feed some sheep and goats!

All of the kids love doing this, but Reagan really got a kick out of it this year! Couldn't wipe the smirky smile off of his face. 

Some of my favorite moments from this day were ones I didn't capture with a camera. We strolled through the country store and came outside to the little play area that is set up on the side of the stage where performers play live music. We let the kids play here for a while, where they took our hands and danced and ran around and played. It was one of those simply flawless moments where you want to close your eyes and imprint the memories there forever. The sights, the sounds, the giggling kiddos...Eric and I just had to stand back with our arms around each other and sigh at the sight in front of us. We were just...happy! It's hard to get better than that on this side of Heaven. :)

I noticed that so many of my friends were out making memories this weekend, too! Celebrating love and having fun with their families. It warms my heart to see it! There's something about this time of year that just brings people together. I know I'm not the only one who feels it. People just seem to smile more when we're out and about. There's more friendliness and patience...certainly even more than the holiday season, which is a real shame if you ask me. Why can't we always live in a world like the one we have in the Fall? Would be a better place! ;)

To those who weren't feeling well or couldn't get out this weekend, there is still lots of time left for fun! Hope you're all enjoying October as much as we are!

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Cassie said...

and now my face hurts - from smiling so much. love this!


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