Monday, October 27, 2014

Sugar and Spice....

Well, did we ever have a full and fun weekend! Eric took off of work on Friday so that we could have a special family day to celebrate Reagan's birthday. We had a great time doing outdoorsy things in the gorgeous weather we had. And then on Saturday we had a birthday party for both Grace and Reagan which I really enjoyed and hope our family did too! But really, all of those things can wait for another day, because I know the one thing everyone around me seems most interested in, which is of course, the gender of baby Robert. :)

I am friends with most of you on Facebook, but I know that some of you don't have Facebook or maybe we're just not connected there, so for those who haven't heard, our baby is a GIRL! And I'm tickled pink! Already have a cart full of clothes waiting to be bought, haha.

To reveal the gender I had wrapped up a special box for the kids to open all together at the end of the birthday party on Saturday night. Inside of the box was all kinds of pink confetti paper, along with some girly onesies and booties, and - in case anyone could possibly miss it - the inside of the box lid was covered in pink with a big "It's a girl!"

Unfortunately, I don't have great pictures of any of this, because the kids were way too excited to get into that box, haha! As soon as I set it down in front of them they were chomping at the bit to pull that ribbon off.

Now, I had been prepping the kids subtly all week to be ready for the big reveal. Mostly for Evelyn's benefit, because I knew there was going to be a part of her that was disappointed. She wanted a baby brother really bad, poor thing. When Eric and I found out we were having a baby girl last week, I was selfishly thrilled, but in the next thought there was Evelyn and also Reagan, who would now be the only boy in a sea of girls! That's why I was so torn beforehand with the gender...I miss having a baby girl around here, but we would have been happy with a boy, too!

As soon as the kids lifted the lid off of the box, the first thing I heard among the cheers was "It's a girl," and not very enthusiastically from Evie. Yikes, just about what I was expecting. :D Of course, Gracie was EXTREMELY happy, and for the rest of the night she kept reminding me that, "I was right, mom! I was right, wasn't I?" Haha. It's a good thing that Evelyn is very easy going, and she rebounded in like 10 seconds. Soon she was digging into that confetti and giggling with everyone else.

We took a poll at the party before we opened the box, and the majority thought we were having a boy! My dad was especially convinced, and kept asking me all week long what we were going to name our son. :)

Now it's like we're starting at square one. I sold so much of our baby girl stuff last year. For some reason I guess I thought we were done having girls. (Or maybe part of me just knew I'd want to get new things anyway!) I had purposely been saving Reagan's things, "just in case" and of course now I won't be needing any of that!

And now we are continuing the painstaking process of choosing a name. Our boy name was ready to go, but the girl names always trip us up. Eric and I have it narrowed down to FOUR choices. Three of the four start with a "C." One starts with an "E." And on a scale of 1-4, Eric, the girls, and I all have a different favorite. (Favorites subject to change every five minutes.) Haha.

But I think I know what we'll end up with. Eric, did you hear that? I think I know. ;)

When we walked out of the office after our ultrasound last Monday, Eric - who I could never get to agree to ANY baby girl names - turned around and said, "I think I like the name ______ ." And it just so happened to be one of the first names I had mentioned weeks and weeks ago. I smiled. And part of me knew right then that that name would be it. I looked down at the ultrasound pictures of our baby girl's sweet face, and she just looked like that name. So while we've been entertaining other options, I'm not sure that this baby will ever be anything other than the name Eric said in that office. And as soon as I get his green light, I'll tell you what it is! :)

You might be able to guess it, because it's extremely popular right now, gosh darn it. It's a name I've loved for a long time, but now apparently so does the rest of the world as it's rising quickly on the baby name charts. It's classic and feminine, which is the criteria we've always had for our baby girls. I just hope that she doesn't meet three other girls with her name on the first day of preschool, haha. As Eric pointed out though, we have a Grace. It doesn't get much more common than that, even though surprisingly we haven't run into too many Grace's around here.

I'm just glad that the mystery is over! I'm ready to start calling this baby by name. I'm ready to start preparing the way for another little princess. And both Eric and I have already started looking at our one and only son in a different way. If it's possible, he's even more precious to us! Everything Reagan has done this past week has solicited looks of "awww" between us, haha. I know one little boy who is going to be doted on for his ENTIRE LIFE. So many girls around, and no other little boys to steal his mama's attention! :)

At the end of the day, we know that the framework of our family is in God's perfect plan for us. I truly believe that what you're meant to have is what you'll have, and I guess that means we are meant to have a gaggle of girls!

Thank you for sticking around with us friends and for sharing in our excitement! And we ask for your continued prayers as we hope our baby girl is still growing steadily inside in spite of some early obstacles. We'll get to peek inside again in a couple of weeks! Oh, and I mentioned last week that our baby looks just like one of our other children did when she was teeny tiny. It's Gracie. This baby looks so much like Gracie, from what I can tell. Let us also pray that our newest baby girl doesn't have a strong-will to match her big sister's. Only room for one of those around here, haha.  Have a great day!


Sarah said...

I knew it ☺️

There is no denying a little boy on an ultrasound haha. I'm so excited for you guys!! ��������

Btw... I want to shop Reagan's closet!!

Heather said...

I love this so much!! Reagan will just grow up to be that much more of a gentleman to the women in his life, having all those sisters to show him how it's properly done!

I was planning on having a yard sale of baby stuff, but you are more than welcome to come over and go through all of Kinley's clothes first. There is a lot of it :)

Adrien said...

Haha, Sarah, that's what I thought - and that cord tricked me! I thought for SURE I had seen something that wasn't actually there. :) Yep, I need to start going through his clothes, because there were so many cute things that will just sit in storage now!

Oooh, yes, Heather...I would take you up on that!

Cassie said...

i so thought boy too!
eric's gma came into CK on sunday and we were talking about it. she's just too cute! lol.

i think i know the name. yay!!

Someonesmomma said...

Yay! Congrats!


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