Friday, October 31, 2014

This is Halloween - Pumpkins Everywhere!


We had such an awesome day yesterday, full of our annual pumpkin carving fun. As you can see from the picture above, we are not fancy jack-o-lantern carvers. :) It's all for the experience, right? Haha.

Eric took a half day off of work so that he could go into Evie's classroom and help carve pumpkins yesterday afternoon. When they were asking for volunteers for this little activity I immediately recruited Eric for the job. I am not the family pumpkin carver for a reason, haha. Thought I would spare myself some public embarrassment. :)

Can't wait to go to Evie's teacher's house tonight and see all of the pumpkins lit up!

Since Eric was already home he was able to be there with me when I picked the kiddos up from school, and then we had a mission to complete. We still hadn't chosen a perfect pumpkin to carve for Halloween, so we had to make an extra trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out our family specimen. (Oh, darn!)

Eric went about actually looking at pumpkins, because the kids just wanted to PLAY!

We took one last trip through the corn maze for the year....

And played and played some more. I kept looking around, trying to soak it all in...can't believe we have to wait a whole year to have this fun again!

It was amazing to me how many pumpkins were still left the day before Halloween. Unlike last year, there was an abundance of crops this season!

It was a rare treat to have Eric home with us this early on a school day. And look, he actually smiled for a picture, haha. 

We packed up and went home to make dinner and hang out, and then it was time for carving! All three of the kids were into this year.

Grace especially loved digging into the slippery, slimy pumpkin guts. When she was really small she wouldn't touch the stuff, haha. 

Evelyn absolutely insisted that I take this picture....

Haha, sorry. :)

Look, even Reagan was all smiles. Score one for me for getting pictures of both of my boys with smiles on their faces yesterday!

Once again, we set Eric to the task of carving our jack-o-lantern face. 

And then we braved the cold wet night to go and set our new friend on the front porch.

Reagan has never met a candle he didn't want to blow out. :)

It was such a great day!

And now we have a day of festivities to look forward to. I know that the girls are super excited about all of the special things they are doing at school today. Then tonight we get to dress up for trick-or-treat fun!! I can't wait to see everyone's kiddos in their costumes. I fully expect my Facebook feed to be flooded with cuties. :)

I hope that everyone stays safe and WARM this evening. I know it's going to be mighty chilly here tonight. Really thankful now that I went through all of that darn trouble tracking down fleece costumes for the kids. You never know what kind of weather we'll end up with on Halloween night around here! But usually you can count on wet or cold or both, haha.

We'll be firing up our light buckets (which were a sell out - you guys love those things, too!) and making all of our usual stops. I hope we see some of you around, and to everyone else - see you Monday!


Heather said...

Love the pictures of all three kids together at the pumpkin patch!! Super cute! Happy Halloween to all 6 of the Roberts!

Adrien said...

Happy Halloween to you!!


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