Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Back to Vlogging! Fall Memories

It's officially going on two months since we took our family vacation, and I confess that I have started and stopped trying to put together videos from that trip so many times. Honestly, I am just overwhelmed! There is so much video to go through, so many memories I want to share, but it's just...a monumental task. One of these days there will be video blogs from Disney. Might be six months after the fact, but ones of these days, I will buckle down and finish those. :)

With the holiday season upon us once again, I have been itching to get back into vlogging. There is so much I want to film and remember for my own sake, and it's truly something that I have to get into the habit of doing to make happen. If I'm not used to reaching for the video camera, I won't do it. So today I'm getting my feet wet again with video editing, just to familiarize myself again with how it works, haha.

You might remember that earlier this year there was a little...ahem...mishap...with our video camera. I sunk it in a bag of silica gel beads and then, well, it took us a while to get that taken care of. That pretty much put an end to the vlogging streak I had been on. :) But it's up and running once again, and I did manage to take a little video here and there of some various Fall activities we did this season.

So it's nothing fancy. A small compilation of some of our Fall fun over the past month or so. But after putting this together quickly last night I realized just how much I missed doing it. So yay! Hopefully this will begin the start of a weekly vlog once again. :)

Thank you for watching!

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Cassie said...

evie and stella would be able to spend all day talking about houses. lol. i swear stella has our next house picked out to a T.

three garages.
hot tub.
big tub inside like lacie's.
no bedrooms upstairs. lol.


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