Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Disney Vlogs - Part 1

I have been INUNDATED by Disney World this week. It's popped up so much in my real life that I even had a dream about being there. Even when I'm asleep I can't escape it...not that I'd want to! :)

In the last few weeks I have literally had half a dozen friends message me about their plans for Disney in the next year. (Yay!) So many of my youtube friends are currently posting vlogs about trips they just came home from or planning videos about trips they are going on next month. I can't watch TV without seeing a commercial. It's Disney mania. And so...that prompted me to finally buckle down and start going through our videos to do a vlog of our own. I'd like to have them finished before all of the Christmas craziness starts.

For as much video as I took on our trip, I'm actually surprised at how much I didn't capture. Whole chunks of days with no recording whatsoever, because I tried so hard not to live this first trip through a camera lens. No regrets about that! But I did manage to get a little bit of every day to share. Today's vlog is of our first two full days at Disney - The Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Here we go!

Before going to Disney myself I used to watch other people's videos and try to soak it all up. I'm not sure if there's a published video online that I haven't seen. :) Now when I see other people's videos there is a giant ache in my heart. Not like a jealous ache...but a "I've been there, I've seen that, I've touched that, I miss that so much" kind of ache. Not every person is a Disney person, but if you are, it oddly feels like a home away from home. Being there is like waking up in a dream you've had over and over again. And some of it you can't really appreciate until you get home and realize, "Whoa...I did that!" Kind of like giving birth for the first time. Haha. It's just so surreal. But maybe that's just for the really young at heart Disney lovers, which I am totally guilty of being. I heard other people say similar things before, but now I get it! We already talk about our next trip.

Thanks for watching, and hopefully the next videos will be soon to follow!


Cassie said...

the first thing our travel agent told us when planning our trip; planning a trip to disney is like having a baby. everyone will tell you how to do it. and when it's over, you will be like, how did i do that! lol.

SO excited! love this!!

Adrien said...

Ha - that's hilarious that she would describe it like that, too! It's TRUE. :D So excited for you to plan out your trip!!

Heather said...

Reagan with makes me tear up every time I see it.

Sarah said...

That picture of the girls hugging Cinderella. Frame it!!


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