Friday, November 14, 2014

Do Ya Wanna See My Baby? :)

Babies don't get a lot of blog time from the inside, so they have to take what they can get. Even pictures of pictures. :)

We were able to get a few more photos of our beautiful daughter yesterday while we were measuring her growth. She is very comfortably head down at the moment, and it was kind of hard to get a good picture of her face as she slept soundly in there. I loved seeing her precious little face again, even more filled out than just a few weeks ago. She looked so calm and peaceful, completely unaware of the stress her mama was feeling just moments before we saw these photos.

Yesterday was the big test for us, and I feel like we've jumped a hurdle. It was the first ultrasound we had where we could really measure her growth from one previously. I was praying so hard that in just a few weeks our baby would be measurably bigger. Please let her be bigger. They measured her femur first, as that is typically the easiest and most obvious bone to get a measurement from, and immediately we saw that she had definitely grown and was right on track for her age. Hallelujah! A silent tear of relief rolled down my cheek, and I was nothing but smiles for the rest of the scan. I just knew then that everything else was going to be okay after that. :)

So far we have seen no other signs of complications from her SUA. One-third of babies with this condition have some sort of issue, which obviously means that two-thirds do not. The odds were in our favor, but...ONE-THIRD. That's a lot. Enough to make a mama worry. Her heart, brain, kidneys, and other organs look perfectly normal. In four more weeks we will be scanned again to make sure she is still thriving. We'll have several more ultrasounds after that one - every four weeks until she born. But I hope that after yesterday we are out of the woods. Now our prayer is that she stays in there as long as possible and that we don't have pre-term labor, which is common with SUA. That would definitely be a first for our family, haha! My babies usually bake as long as they possibly can in there.

Charlotte is not only measuring on time - there is one part of her that is markedly big. And lucky me, that would be her head. :) She has a very round head. The ultrasound tech just couldn't get over how perfectly round it was. That's not super unusual in our family. My sister's big round baby head was the stuff of infamous legend in our family, haha. I will spare you that birth story. :)

So it's a happy day for us! We're thankful for a healthy baby. And it's just a bonus that I think she's too darn cute. I wanna hug and squeeze her!! But not for a while. Hear that, little sister? You just stay right where you are and keep looking pretty.

Still, I can't wait for our entire family to get to meet her. Especially Reagan. The little guy is in complete denial that there is a baby in my stomach. He smiles and shakes his head like, "Ya'll are crazy!" when we try to tell him there's a baby in there. The other day his hand was resting on my tummy and Charlotte kicked it. You should have seen the affronted look on his face - he swatted it right back, haha. He pointed and looked up at me, wanting to know exactly why my stomach decided to attack him. He is still learning that, no, you cannot hit mom's stomach, even when it hits you first.

My heart is a little lighter going into this weekend. I hope you have a great few days, and we'll see ya next week!


Sarah said...

It could be the hormones.. But when your mil dropped Gracie off at school yesterday.. I just started crying. I remembered you had an ultrasound & I instantly became a nervous wreck for you. So glad everything is right on track ☺️

Heather said...

Such awesome pictures!! She has such a perfectly beautiful little face. Glad everything is as it should be!

Adrien said...

Aw, Sarah...hormones or no hormones you always have a caring heart. Thank you for thinking of us. :) Thanks, Heather!!

Cassie said...

yay for good news! love this.


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