Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy November! Halloween Weekend

One day you're walking down the street in the crisp fall air, with a cozy sweater on and the leaves swirling around in beautiful golden sunlight thinking, "It does not get any better than this!" And then the next day day - BAM. Ahaha you foolish mortals! It's bitterly cold and you need a winter coat and hat and gloves to keep yourself from freezing your tuckus off - and likely, you're still freezing your tuckus off.

That was kind of Halloween in a nutshell, haha. It was cold. And the wind. I get a chill just thinking about it.

But did that stop us from having a blast? Nnnope! We had a really fun night, as usual!

The kids had just gotten home from school where they had parties and lots of fun doing special activities during the day. They were so ready for the night of trick-or-treating ahead!

It seemed like such a long wait for Eric to get home from work this night. We were ready to get dressed up and go. The kids stood waiting at the door watching for him, as we began to see tractors and hayrides go down our street and other families beginning to emerge from their houses and meander around. We decided to take a few pictures while we waited!

This year I had a couple of little love bugs...and...a robot. Haha. There was no rhyme or reason. Our theme: stay as warm as humanly possible. We took whatever we could get!

We always make our first stops of the evening to various family members. My aunt Brenda and my grandma were on that list, and then we popped into great grandma's, where we always have to get a family picture.

One of my most treasured family photos we take all year. Even if the kids are usually making goofy faces in them, haha. :)

Let us take a moment to check out Evelyn's light bucket. So. While we were here we noticed that the lights on Evie's bucket had started to flicker a bit, and we were afraid it might go out at some point in the night. We realized that that thing had the same batteries in it since her very first halloween, haha. So we replaced the batteries, and HOLY torch bucket. It was so bright! It's even more exaggerated in pictures. So if you are one of my lovely friends who owns one of these things, just know that a set of brand new batteries will make the bucket glow twice as bright!

Eric's parents dropped in while we were visiting here. Reagan had been so shy and clingy all night, but as soon as he saw his papa, he said, "Sianara, mom!"

Just throwing this picture in there to show that Charlotte was also present. Haha. I am so bad at taking updated bump pictures.

We spent the rest of our night in traditional Halloween fashion, with some good 'ole door-to-door trick or treating.

It was so funny...every time someone would ask, "Where did you get those buckets??" Evelyn would proudly answer, "From some Chinese guy!" 


We had so much explaining to do all night long.

Evelyn had a chance to stop by her teachers house, which is always quite a thrill. I love Evie's teacher. When we were walking up to her front porch she said, "There's my bumble bee!" Apparently Evie had told her that she was going to be a "cozy bumble bee" for Halloween this year, haha.

We ended our night visiting the trunk-or-treat in town, which I guess we didn't get the memo on that it only lasted until 8:00. We were literally some of the last people there. We closed them out!

And then we had to stop by my parent's house to visit and pick up our annual halloween pumpkin pie...mmm! That thing did not last long at our house. Thanks, mom! We went home, had some more dinner from the crock pot, and ate delicious pie for dessert. 

So even though it was stinkin cold, we still managed to have a successful Halloween. Last one as a family of five!

We woke up the next morning to the month of November! I was ready for it this year. Usually it sneaks up on me, but I've been so ready to see the kick off of the holiday season. I was actually shocked when Eric and I went shopping and I wasn't bombarded by Christmas lights and music at every single store. Apparently there are a few stores out there who are still in Fall mode. :) 

Now daylight savings, that's a whole other story. Dark by 5:30pm? I don't really dig that. And my kids' sleep schedules are definitely off. Evelyn was hollering from her room thirty minutes before my alarm went off this morning, "HELLO? HELLO?? MOM? IS ANYBODY HERE? HELLO??"

I asked her, "Why didn't you just get out of bed and see if I was here?"

"My legs were too lazy," she said. So instead, she woke up the entire rest of the house, haha.

It ended up being a pleasant rest of the weekend. Nothing special - just the usual errands and things. Oh, and Grace wants to make sure that I share this picture.

I asked spider Gracie if she would like to close out the blog post by sending you a special message. She says, "Have a happy day! For Halloween! Have a great day! Have a party! Make sure you have a good day! Don't let the ghostses get you. Boo!"

So there you go. :) And really, have a great day! 


Heather said...

So, I made the mistake of getting curious about Kinley's bucket after I put her down to sleep in her crib. Grabbed it and turned it on while I was still in her was like someone turned on a spotlight in there! Had to rock her for a little bit longer that night :) But we got a lot of people asking about the buckets. Thanks for letting us have one!

Cassie said...

from some chinese guy. lol. too funny.

the things kids say.

glad you had a good weekend!


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