Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Happenings Weekend

Well, we're getting an extra long weekend over here...Evelyn is home from school and we're dropping like flies! First she was sick and now I'm afraid Reagan is getting it, too. He's lethargic this morning and not himself. I just LOVE this germy time of the year. I hope that it runs it's course before Thanksgiving this week!

Thankfully we were able to get in a little bit of fun this weekend before sickness started creeping in - a little bit of holiday fun! It was Holiday Happenings weekend and the kids were really looking forward to the Lighted Parade on Friday night. Last year it was so ridiculously cold for the parade. By the time it was over Eric had turned to me and said, "Never. Again." :) Thank goodness it was literally 20 degrees warmer this year, and we ended up having a blast without freezing!

It seems to be a recurring theme around here lately, but once again Gracie was the most excited for this night to come. She woke up every single morning asking if it was the lighted parade day.

The girls were getting a kick out of running into their friends and teachers before the parade started. Any time Evie or Grace ever bump into a classmate they say, "What?? What are you doing here?!" Haha. It's super cute. 

After last year's freeze out I dressed us up in a million layers for this night. We might have been a little too dressed, but we definitely stayed toasty warm!

Poor Reagan...I thought he just wasn't into it, because I could not get him to all...not for the entire night. But after the fact I realized that he was just super tired. I had forgotten that he didn't get much of a nap earlier in the day.

At the time though I thought he was thinking, "Being in this family makes me miserable. Why do we think this is fun?" Haha. He was OUT in the two minute car ride home afterwards.

I'm so thankful for events like these and for the people who organize them for others to enjoy. The lighted parade is quickly becoming a favorite tradition to kick off our holiday season. 

There were several Frozen themed floats this year....

Of course the girls were all about the candy!

 Even Eric said that it was a fun event, so I count that as a success. :)

Eric and I had another great night out on Saturday, but it was when we picked the kids up that evening that we learned Evelyn wasn't feeling well. Sunday was spent at home resting and cleaning, and now here we are. Will Gracie be next, or will she come out unscathed? We shall see! (And goodness gracious, I hope I don't get it. When I'm pregnant it takes me forever to recover from being sick!)

Traditionally this is a really fun week ahead, with several Thanksgiving celebrations, decorating for Christmas, shopping, and all of that good stuff. So we'll see how well we're all feeling to enjoy it! I hope that YOU are feeling great and starting to get excited for the season!

Have a great day!



Heather said...

I'm so bummed we missed the parade. Kinley already had an ear infection and cold, so I wasn't about to chance getting anything else. Looks like so much fun. Hope every feels better soon!

Cassie said...

the sickness hit us all last week. no fun.

i loved seeing you guys, evie totally called us by the wrong name (lol) but it was the thought that counts! ha.

good luck!

Adrien said...

I know the feeling, Heather, we've missed several years for sickness and because I've had newborns. You were just being a good mama! Lots more fun holiday stuff you can do this year. :)

Ahaha, Cassie I totally didn't catch that, but it doesn't surprise me one bit. Evelyn seems to take after her father in the name recognition department. :D


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