Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Snowy Weekend!

Once again I logged in to blog yesterday morning, and our pictures from the weekend were mysteriously missing from our iPhoto albums. I have not been having good luck on Mondays lately. So finally, it's our turn to share the excitement over the first snow of the season! If you want to call it excitement, haha.

There seem to be two camps of people that come out of the woodwork when the first snowflakes start falling from the sky: the people screaming, "Nooooo!! I hate snow!" and the people screaming, "Yaaay!! My decision to put up the Christmas tree early is now completely justified!!" Me? I fall somewhere in the middle. I think snow is beautiful to look at, but if it's cold enough to be snowing, it's too cold. I am not a winter person. At all.

Our first real snow experience this year came a day before our kids' first snowy day. Eric and I were driving north for our date night on Saturday, as usual, when I started hearing an icy ping ping ping on the windshield.

"Is it...snowing?" I asked Eric.


And soon the few snowflakes we had been seeing turned into a swirling whirling winter wonderland. It was really pretty - I kept wishing I had my good video camera along. The further north we drove the more accumulation there was on the ground and the heavier the snowfall was around us. I only felt bad that the kids weren't along with us to see it!

We stopped for dinner first. It was so strange pulling into the parking lot and seeing cars beginning to be covered in snow.

By the time we came out later, they were completely snowed over. I was not prepared to see a world blanketed in white so early in the season!

It just so happened that, once inside, we were seated next to a local LEGEND. Haha. Okay. Depends on who you are talking to. But I finally got an opportunity to meet someone that I had heard so much about. Eric lifts weights at the Monroe County YMCA in the mornings before work, and he always has stories to tell about the people he works out with. One man in particular really stands out - he is just an interesting guy. An accomplished photographer, he's been published in National Geographic and other notable places. But what makes him a legend at the gym? He is in his 70's and can do 20 pull-ups in a set. Haha...that is awesome.

Anyway, I was so happy to meet him and his wife. I thought it was so funny that he seemed just as excited to bump into Eric as we were to bump into him. They took turns bragging on each other to their respective wives...apparently Eric's work on the radio and his squat weight makes him an awesome young guy. :) And I can't tell you how many times Eric has told me, "I want to BE him when I grow up." So fun. Then the sneaky sweeties picked up our tab for dinner. So even though it was freezing cold outside, the beautiful scene and their sweet gesture warmed our hearts and started off our evening wonderfully. We ended up having a great rest of the night, shopping and hanging out with no kids in tow.

While we were in church on Sunday morning it was our small town's turn to get a decent amount of the white stuff. All of our kids were excited, but none more than Gracie. She was just ecstatic over it! We couldn't keep her contained inside. While we were having lunch at Eric's parent's house she kept sneaking outside to run around in it. The poor thing was in tights and had no gloves on, but she did NOT care. She would just come back inside and run her hands under some warm water for a little while and then run back out again. :)

My little drummer boy. :)

Evelyn was perfectly content to stay inside and play where it was warm, but Reagan did occasionally sneak out with his big sister to run around. Those two are quite a pair! I just enjoy watching my kids have fun, no matter what "fun" looks like to each of them.

Yes, I do have to say, even though it is super cold...and wet...and slick...and kind of a pain in the butt...snow is nice to look at. And there is something a little magical about it. I'd probably miss it if it were gone.

Probably. ;)

Have a happy day!


Heather said...

I'm always excited for the first couple of snows. Until it gets deep and I have to actually scrape crap off of my car and around it. Then, no.

Cassie said...

love that drummer boy picture. made me smile!

you did mention the other day about R being your only boy. man there is just something so totally awesome about having a boy. they just tug at your heart in a different way than girls. it's pretty special.


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