Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Calm Before the Polar Vortex

...or whatever it is they're calling the cold front these days. :)

I am glad that the weather is taking a turn for the frigid on a day when the kids don't have school. It's a pajamas/pancakes/hot chocolate kind of morning for us. And as we stay warm inside, we are thankful for all the veterans who have served our country - past and present! I hope all who have served can get out and enjoy some of the free perks being offered at various places for you today. You more than deserve some tangible "thank you's!"

Well, we had a very nice weekend I should say. I didn't have any pictures to share with you yesterday...technical difficulties...but a few did magically pop up today, so here we are. We tried our very best to get out a bit and enjoy some of the milder fall weather this weekend. I had a fun Saturday night out with the boys. We had a nice morning at church on Sunday...and I didn't cook a single meal until Sunday night, which makes me very happy. It truly doesn't take much for me to have a "successful" weekend.

On Sunday afternoon Eric helped his dad with a little project, and the kids wanted to go to their grandparent's house. We played and played, and when Eric and grandpa returned we soaked up the last bit of sunlight riding bikes.

My little Reagy baby still remains a mama's boy, but nothing elicits more excitement from him than when he sees his dad or his grandpa walk into a room. He can't contain himself...he just exclaims their names with pure joy. :) Haha. And being sandwiched between the two, well...my son was just in heaven. 

Can you make out his little face? Nothing makes my heart flutter more than looks like those from my babies - even if they're not at me. ;) In a season of thankfulness, I am thankful for family that is near and who love our kiddos!

I had no idea my heart could jump out and ride a bike, but there it is, right there. :)

In other news, the Robert family is moving up in the world and we finally purchased some bedroom furniture that could fit our entire family if we wanted to pile in. As like most things in this life, we've decided to do things backwards...I suppose we enjoy being weird or something. But we are standing at a precipice of decision making once again as we plan to welcome yet another family member into the bunch.

To move or not to move...that is the question. And we have seriously considered it. We even looked at a house. Came thisclose to making an offer on it. That door is still not 100% closed, but we ultimately decided that the timing still wasn't right for us. We like to have all of our ducks in a row, and there are a few stragglers out there that we want to reign in first. Oh...the temptation - it's there. But it's just not the wisest move at the current time. And so - the backwards part. We've decided that as we continue to build up our emergency fund and save up a bigger down payment for a home, that we will slowly but surely buy things to put in that home when we do finally get one. 

So while many people buy the house and then furnish it...we're just taking the luxury of time to find really good deals on things and swipe them up as we can. Hopefully, not too terribly long from now, we will be able to move, and when we do, we won't be dragging our mismatched college-y furniture along with us. Baby steps. :)

So a good part of our last weekend was spent shopping around for things we need to accommodate our new furniture, because it's never just the initial purchase you know. (Another reason why we aren't buying a house just yet, haha. Oh, the extra hidden costs that get you!) Because we of course needed new bedding...and bigger pillows...and a new mattress pad...and we had to buy more bed risers to fit the bigger bed...and a tiny bit of touch-up paint, because (duh) we don't buy anything brand new. But even with all of that, we are extremely happy with our purchase. It was long overdue, and it looks great! I'm sorry I don't have a picture for you, but I also still don't have all of those things I mentioned delivered to me yet, haha.

I'm thankful for that big cozy bed to snuggle up with the kiddos in and enjoy this day off, so now I'm going to get to it! Thanks be to God and veterans for the ability to snuggle in a safe and free place today. Hope you have a happy Tuesday!

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