Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sweet Christmas

I'm in a really bad neglectful blog habit. :) Sorry to family who I know check in every day! In a list of things to accomplish the poor ole blog is usually the first thing that falls off the list! (I'll be better now that as of about 12:00am last night I officially bought the LAST Christmas gift for the kiddos. Still had one last Reagan gift hanging out there. Whew.)

We have been enjoying all of the sweet things of Christmas lately...the sweet sights and sounds, and of course the sweet TASTES! It's more than just about having a treat now and then while watching Christmas movies or hanging out in the's about the fun in making those treats. I was never able to share our cookie baking day with my mom - the calm before another sickness hit our house.

Gracie was so excited for this day - bugged me for a week about when it was time to go to grandma's and bake cookies. She was a big helper, as usual. Grace constantly wants to be looking over my shoulder in the kitchen. All of my kids love to help cook, but Grace will pull up a chair every day to carefully observe every little thing I do. Someday I will happily let her make dinner. :) (Evelyn and Reagan are my cleaners! Grace LOATHES cleaning, haha.)

When we arrived we immediately dove into baking peanut butter cookies. Making sugary criss-crosses was the perfect kid job.

This year on the list were: peanut butter, peanut butter blossoms, pecan puffs, chocolate chip, three varieties of oatmeal, and sugar cookies. (In addition to rolo candies, peanut butter cheerio bars, chocolate covered pretzel rods, and home made chex mix. We have not gone hungry!)

I know I've shared this picture before, but it just cracks me up! I caught Reagan trying to push in all off the still-warm chocolate kisses on top of the peanut butter blossoms. You could see the temptation in his eyes and in his wiggling pointer finger. So funny. :)

Of course the kids were really there for one highly anticipated activity - cutout sugar cookies. We didn't make them wait long. Soon we were cookie cutting our little hearts out.

 The real fun for them is in the decorating!
(And sampling)

 They did a great job. :)

So many yummy treats!

We stayed warm and toasty inside with the oven baking away all day. After all of the fun, some of us were a little sleepy. :)

I hope this is a tradition we can keep up year after year!

This week Eric had to take a short business trip. His view looked like this....

While mine looked like this....

Much smaller buildings. :)

Evelyn had been asking to build a gingerbread house and it just so happened that I had one tucked away. Our elf Moe brought it for us and the kids got busy unwrapping candies and decorating.

It was another sweet way to pass the time!

Pretty sure Grace has been sneaking nibbles of this house all week. She came up to me with a pouty lip one day and said "I sowwy I ate the gingerbread man...." Sure enough he was totally MIA. :)

We enjoy these types of things as part of traditions that we've started as a family. I'm surprised with as young as my kids are that they already remember and look forward to these activities each year. In fact, they remind ME that we need to do them. I hope that you are making some sweet memories, too this holiday season!

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Heather said...

Goodness I cannot WAIT to do some of these things with Kinley.


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