Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This one is coming atcha a little later than usual, because I am draaagging this morning. Reagan has been sleeping like a newborn ever since getting sick. Worse than a newborn. There were at least two nights in the past week that I didn't sleep a wink until 3:00 or 4:00 am. Up and down, up and down. Blah. (Miss Charlotte, please have mercy on your mother when you come!)

So the girls decided to take a nice long Thanksgiving vacation this year. :) Not that they had a choice, but they ended up missing the entire week of school thanks to our lovely friend, the enterovirus. By Thanksgiving Day our kids were fever-free and feeling marginally better. Poor Reagan, though...I thought he had gotten over the worst of it, so we decided we could take him to our parents' houses for a little while. But by the end of the night it just proved to be too much for the little guy and his fever returned. (Just a word of caution to local friends...for whatever reason it seems like what is going around hits the hardest the younger you are.)

I just ended two paragraphs in parentheses. My English professors are hanging their heads in shame.

Anyway, it wasn't quite the jolly holiday of my dreams, but I'm actually kind of thankful that if they were going to get it that they got it when school was already out for half of the week. Both Evie and Grace are back at it today!

The Robert family thanksgiving was at the nursing home where Eric's grandpa is this year. Unfortunately, with the kids' condition I didn't think a nursing home was the best place to be hanging out, so the kiddos and I stayed home while Eric visited for a bit there. Then we were off to Eric's parent's for the Leach family's gathering.

The girls ended up having a pretty good day - even went out and played with their cousins for a little bit on the sleds. :)

Reagan did seem to perk up a bit when he would get some food in his belly.

And he tried to put on a good face for a little while....


...poor thing!

Evelyn can't resist arts and crafts any time she is at grandma and grandpa's. She's getting pretty good at her hand turkeys. :)

Soon Reagan had just had enough, and he desperately needed a nap. So we decided to load up in the car and take a nice long drive to let the kids rest before heading to our next stop. It worked! Sorta. Reagan did get some sleep, but he was super clingy the rest of the evening. Just about the only pictures I were able to get at my parent's house were of dessert!

Uh...yep, that looks like that's all I got, haha.

We had another delicious meal here, but all Gracie could talk about all day long was PIE. "When do we get pie? Is it time for pie? Now? Now is it time for pie?" Haha.

She had her heart set on one type of pie in particular: chocolate pie. "Wif white whipped cream!" And the very end of the day...her dream came true. :)

I wish our day could have gone a little differently and that everyone had been feeling great and having fun. But that's just not the way it goes, sometimes. It could have been worse! I am just praying at this point that we have taken our turn and that all of our Christmas festivities remain uninterrupted this year. I love Thanksgiving, but I'll trade it for Christmas if I have to, haha.

I hope that all of you had a blessed holiday and ate way too much food and made some good memories. :) This weekend we finally decked the halls and tried our best to feel well! More about all of that good stuff tomorrow. Happy day!

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Heather said...

Glad everyone is starting to feel a bit better. Seems like everyone is down with some kind of bug!


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