Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wrapping Up Christmas!

Happy last day of 2014! All of our Christmas decorations are down already, which is so unlike the usual around here. Typically I can't bring myself to say goodbye to the tree and lights until after the New Year. That is what I have been up to this week. From the minute my feet have hit the floor in the morning I have been decluttering, doing dishes, washing laundry, and packing up the holidays. I just couldn't take the chaos another day! I am so ready to be out of holiday mode this year so that I can focus on the next big thing for our family - being in BABY mode!! I've barely even let myself think about the impending arrival of our newest member, because I've kept telling myself, "Just gotta get through Christmas, just gotta get through Christmas." Now that we're on the other side all I want to do is dream and look at tiny clothes. :)

Our Christmas holidays are usually pretty long, stretched out for about a week, and sometimes more. Even with one less stop this year, we still had six Christmases to attend between our families. So before the clock strikes twelve and we put this year behind us, I thought I would squeak in the last half of our Christmas, starting with our own Christmas morning.

This year we were a bit out of sorts, mostly because Reagan hit a weird sleep regression and had been keeping me up LATE every night for about two weeks prior to the holidays. I couldn't wrap a present, put anything together, or do any of the normal extra stuff I usually do once the kids are in bed. Everything was left down to the last minute, and that included putting some things together on Christmas Eve. Praise the Lord Reagan mercifully went down at a decent time that night so that we could get to work! There was one toy in particular that I knew needed assembling - just a little toy motorcycle for our son that seemed simple enough and which I didn't think would be a big deal at all to snap together. But it turns out Eric practically had to bang the entire thing together with a mallet, and it was SO LOUD. Haha. I was afraid we were going to wake the neighbors, never mind the kids in the next room! Somehow, miraculously, it got done, and only Reagan was a little disturbed in the process. I did have to run some interference with him, haha.

After the culmination of many late nights and a full Christmas Eve, I was dead to the world on Christmas morning. Grace was the first one awake, and she was ridiculously excited. Bless her. She dragged me and Reagan out of bed...a very crabby Reagan who just wanted to go back to sleep, haha. It took some of us a few minutes to wake up and join in on the excitement that the girls had. :)

Reagan did like that darn motorcycle, though!

Oh Gracie girl...we were all half asleep but she was ALL about it.

Stockings were first....

 Followed by lots of present opening. I'll spare you all of the pictures I have, haha. 

This was Evelyn's absolute, must have, number one gift - Shopkins. She had been asking for them foreeeever...and needless to say she was pretty pleased to find a few waiting for her under the tree. 

I was most excited to give the kiddos their Frozen Animators Dolls. It worked out so nicely that there was a perfect doll for each kid. They are stinkin cute - from Kristoff's adorable outfit to the hand painted freckles on each of their faces. We are NOT ready for American Girl in this house, haha. My children would not appreciate such an expensive toy. But these, we can do.

We had a really nice morning in the end, followed by some biscuits and gravy and time to enjoy the new gifts before getting ready to head out to family Christmas #4.

Each year on Christmas Day we travel to Missouri to spend the day with Eric's mom's side of the family. It's always hard for me to get a lot of pictures here, but I did manage to sneak in a couple...where I mostly got looks from my children something like this:


It had turned out to be a fairly nice day, so the kids were able to throw on their coats and play on the swing set for a while. They had fun running around all day long!

The next day was my mother in law's birthday (Happy Birthday, Joan!) and also our favorite children's clothing sale of the we packed up the kids and shopped til we dropped. Whew. Then on Saturday it was time for two more family Christmases. 

The first stop was my grandma's. Eric couldn't come with us, because he had to work that morning, so no pictures here. I was flying solo with a very clingy Reagan! We opened gifts and ate some pizza - a Linnertz family Christmas tradition - before meeting up with Eric for the Simpson family Christmas late that afternoon.

 Our kids always have a blast here, because there are so many cousins running around and they pretty much bounce off of the walls. It isn't every year that we have all of the immediate cousins home for Christmas, so it was so sweet to get lots of pictures of them all together. 

Waiting patiently for their turns with Santa Claus. :)

I was shocked when both Grace and Reagan sat on Santa's lap with no fuss...given our experience just a couple of weeks before...

...even if Reagan did give the stink eye the entire time, haha.

Such a wonderfully exhausting Christmas season we had!

The girlies looked so cute eating their giant snowman cupcakes. I think I took about 20 pictures of them sitting there. :)

Even though there is a fairly predictable pattern to all of the festivities we enjoy every year, each Christmas brings such different and distinct memories for me. This year I will always remember as the crazy one where pregnancy and sickness and exhaustion forced us to cram it all into two weeks at the end and how we just made it by the skin of our teeth. I highly doubt I will ever spend another holiday season with a baby in my belly, and I'm not complaining about that one. ;) Miss Charlotte did make her presence known...VERY I swear she is the most active baby I have ever had. I don't know that there is a time she isn't moving around and kicking me.

But yes, all of the decor is down now...we have moved on...and I am excited to ring in the New Year this evening with our little family. We had an amazing 2014, and we have SO much to look forward to in 2015. So much!! I only wish I could peep into the future a bit and know just how crazy life is going to be with four kids and how much time will be left for blogging, haha. We all know how it has gone since I became pregnant this year. Whoopsy daisy. :) But I can't even imagine giving it up. Thank you all for following along with us this year! See you in 2015!

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Heather said...

I was the same way with my Christmas soon as the holiday and birthday parties were over, it was put away. Now I just need to start going through all of the baby stuff to get it out of the house!


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