Friday, January 30, 2015

Confession Friday!

I'm baaaack!

Well. I was all ready to jump on here and be excited, because for the first time in three weeks our entire family was feeling well for a whole day. Then Grace woke up this morning with a fever saying, "I'm sooo thirsty." Seriously? I give up! This would be round 6 for us in the never-ending sickness saga. I'm homeschooling next year. Not really. But for real. This is ridiculous.

But at least I am feeling okay once again, so I can stop neglecting the blog. It's about time for a Confession's been too long.

 Reagan dropped my camera on the floor last night, and I had a panic attack. (Noooo! I'm going to get blamed for this!!) I turned it on and took a quick picture to see if it still worked, and this is what I caught....

Ahahaha...poor kid. He knew he'd gone and done it! Of course, he wasn't in trouble after I saw this picture. :D

I confess that I could never own a vehicle again that doesn't open the door for me. I have seriously tried pressing buttons on my keyring to open the front door of our house. Haha, whoops. Habit.

I confess that sometimes...I am not smarter than my preschooler's homework. "What is this paper asking me to do?? I don't understand. I am an idiot!" Not good for the self-esteem.

I confess that I finally treated myself to some high-end make up and realized that's not better than the (good) drug store products I use. At all. Maybe I'm just really good at finding the best drug store stuff. Or maybe paying more for something is a great placebo for the population. I'm not buying it. Literally. Fool me once!

I confess that the most exciting thing that happened in our house for a while was that Eric began parting his hair on the other side. I'm not even exaggerating. That was a rough week.

I confess that I had to have the baby delivery talk with Evelyn last night. The real "HOW do they come out??" conversation. I've been side-stepping it for two years and giving her the little kid answers, and she was NOT buying it anymore. Haha. Hopefully she isn't too traumatized. I might be. :)

I confess that Grace and I had a huge argument this week over this little get up....

I mean, I'm all for choosing your battles, but I could not send my child to school this way. "They MATCH because they are FLOWERS!!" she insisted. No my dear, they do not. And let's not start on the socks with the middle of winter, no less. She tried. Haha. We settled on her at least wearing the shirt - once it was turned around the right way. :) What a mess!

I confess that Evelyn came up to me while I was making dinner this week and started talking her head off: "Today at lunch recess was like, the best recess ever. I was playing with Holly and Lucas and Lucas was chasing us and pretending to eat us. It was like...the best playtime I've had in years. Today was the perfect day of school." She was dead serious, and I was trying so hard not to laugh. "That's awesome, Ev!"

I confess that the most head scratching joke someone can make to you when you are pregnant is, "You know how that happens, right?"  No, I don't. Enlighten me.

I confess that all three of my children have simultaneously become bottomless pits and I cannot keep any of them FULL. They finish a snack and immediately want another. They finish a meal and they want something else. Let's not even talk about the drinking going on over here. Not that kind. I'm officially afraid of the teenage years.

Because I have pictures of the other two....

Both of the girls have had dental work done this month. I confess that I was convinced that Evelyn would throw a giant fit and not let them come near her with the scary tools for a filling...but nope! She was a champ. Look at me underestimating my own children.

I confess that there is so much fun stuff happening at the end of next month, and I won't let myself buy tickets or plan for any of it.  It will be BABY TIME. Bah. One month to go, and I'm not ready yet! I've had a couple of scares with crazy contractions lately. Charlotte, you cannot come until everything is perfectly planned and laid out and washed and ready and bought, okay? ;)

I confess that I am SO ready to kiss January goodbye and never look back. Looking forward to a fresh start - and hopefully a healthier one - in February! See you on the other side!


Heather said...

I literally have an email open on another screen, started to you asking how baby things were going cause we hadn't heard from you in a while!

Someonesmomma said...

That's too funny! Be sure to tell Dr. M that story!


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