Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Is it February Yet?

So many things I want to talk about. So many things I want to share and recap and all of that. And all that my brain will produce at the end of the day is, "poop." Because if my life for the past week could be summed up in one word, that would be it. Since I'm fairly certain you don't want the details on the latest wave of sickness to hit the Robert kids last week (or at least two of them) I guess I don't really have much material to drum up here.

I'm just putting this out in the cosmos for anyone who might be listening...thank you for thinking of our family and making sure we're staying on our toes this year by granting us every illness under the sun. We appreciate being among the elect.'s totally cool if we could uh...move on to someone else and grant them the honor next time. No no, I mean it. We don't want to hoard all of the lessons in patience and endurance and gratefulness. If there is one thing we don't want to be, it's selfish. Thank you...and have a nice day.

I spent an entire week stuck inside of my house without so much as stepping my big toe out of the front door, so you'll have to excuse me if I seem a little nutty.

I really do wish I had something of value to share today, but I don't. I haven't even picked up a camera in what feels like ages, for obvious reasons. No one wants to see our mess. This is literally one of the only pictures in our iPhoto photostream for the month of January:

Evelyn brought this poor doll to us and said, "Hey she has hair like Grandpa Greg!"
We laughed. 
And took a picture. :)

In the middle of it all, and as I was stuck in the Robert family infirmary, I have turned my attention to getting ready for baby. (Shopping!) I have a wishlist about a mile long of things I still want to get for the child. Things we need, things I want - things that just seem fun because I can and this might be my last baby ever. (Eric is seriously trying to butter me up to #5 already. Baha.) I think I'm done, though. Pretty sure. So I'm just going with the "last chance" philosophy so I can get some cool stuff.

We are 34 weeks along now, and we had yet another doctor's visit this week. Pointless if you ask me, but whatev. She's still kicking up a storm in there. Still giving me heartburn, the little sweetheart. :) And also...weird dry skin patches on my arms...not sure what is up with that. This has seriously been the most bizarre pregnancy ever for me, which I'm pretty sure I've mentioned half a dozen times already. So many strange symptoms that I've never had before. I don't know what kind of child I'm cultivating in there, but she's nothing like her siblings so far, haha. 

I actually did have plans to take some photos of the kids this week, but then Grace tripped on the way to school and caught her fall with her face. On the concrete. And she seriously looks like she has road rash on her forehead, nose, and cheeks. Poor thing. She's sporting the Rudolph look at the moment, which is a little late, sister...and not so great for pictures. So there goes my one plan to help us get back to "normal" around here. Ah well. There's always February, right?

So as not to leave you with the impression that life has totally sucked so far in 2015, I will say that I have enjoyed all of the cuddles and family time that the last couple of weeks have given us. One good hug from my kids has some sort of mystical power to calm everything else around me. And I'm still holding them a little tighter these days. A big "thank you!" is in order to our moms who totally stepped up do whatever they could to help while I was home with the sick ones. No, it wasn't all bad. Being sick is not fun, but being forced to slow down for a little while? Not entirely awful. 

Still, I can't resist posting this picture....

It just cracks me up! :D

I hope that you are having a good day wherever you are, and that you can always try to look on the sunny side! I'm trying my best. Can you tell? :) Later taters!

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Heather said...

All of these germs this year seem super sized. We keep getting everything too. Feels like we won't ever be healthy at the same time!


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