Monday, February 9, 2015

Come Back, Weekend, Come Back!

If I slur my words, it's because Reagan is in a lovely sleep regression and I am tiiiired. (I just had to re-type that sentence, because it made no sense the first time.) But the weekend was awesome! I am refreshed.

Miss Charlotte is a fully cooked baby! We've finally reached the 37 week mark...which for me typically means another good month before I'm holding a baby in my arms, haha. But still - a wonderful milestone. No more worries of a pre-term birth here! Who needs two umbilical arteries, anyway? Not this kid, apparently. ;)

Friday evening was wonderfully relaxing. It was a family movie night, but sort of without the family. We have finally gotten to that point where all of our kids are old enough to choose their own movie and entertain themselves while mom and dad can actually enjoy an adult movie - you know, one that's not animated - in another room. Everyone is happy! I think Eric and I have watched more of our own movies in the last few months than we have in the past five years. We all end up piled in the same bed at some point anyway, but it is nice to get a little bit of mom and dad time at home. :) 

Saturday brought beautiful weather and some normalcy back in our lives. The girls went to the Eagle Festival with their grandparents during the day....

I don't have any pictures of them with eagles, but I do have this one that was sent to Eric and forwarded to me, haha. I know they had a really great day!

For the first time in over a month we were able to go out for a date night - woot! Between meetings, parties, and sickness, all of our Saturdays have been spoken for. And since we are definitely creatures of habit, it was a treat just to be back to normal!

While out and about, I remembered I needed to snap another baby bump picture...only...I was in the car, sitting down, and there are only so many ways you can take a picture and get your stomach in it when you are riding down the road.

Haha, I'm pretty sure this is the least flattering angle ever, but I knew if I didn't take it while I was thinking about it I would just forget. :) I get a kick out of looking back at pictures with my big ole pregnant belly, and I promised myself I'd try to take more this time. I'm still not doing so well at it.

It was my turn to teach in Sunday School on Sunday morning. We had fun with some science experiments and crafts while learning about the importance of giving and what miraculous things God can do when we give faithfully. Even the smallest gifts can make a huge impact with God's when over 5,000 people were fed with only two fishes and five loaves of bread. A fun lesson!

But kids were RASCALS. Especially Evelyn. I think I've shared here before about how I've toyed with the idea of homeschooling my kids. I really, actually, want to in my heart. I love teaching - love it. I'm just a couple of classes and one semester of student teaching away from having a degree in Elementary OR Secondary Education. But if there is one thing I have seen this school year it's that my kids would not thrive with me as their teacher. Grace and Evelyn take academic instruction wonderfully from other adults, but when it's mom in charge - forget it. They won't focus for me at all. It's least I know that they LOVE school. We'll never close those doors to the possibility of homeschooling - so many appealing benefits that I still pine for. Sigh. But until or unless we see a real need for it, regular school serves them best. So do other Sunday School teachers, haha.

Anyway. On Sunday afternoon we were able to get out and WALK. We were sick during the last winter warm up, so this was our very first walk of 2015. There will be many many more - with TWO double strollers. :)

I know it looks like we were really bundled, but halfway through the walk the kids ditched their blankets and we were HOT. Especially this mama. Oh my gosh. So in all of our excitement we decided to take our longer route (which for real...feels like it's uphill the ENTIRE way, haha) and this pregnant lady was huffing it. My heart and my mind said go go go...and my body said "You're an idiot."

Oh, but it was glorious! Truly amazing what fresh air can do you for you. We hoped it would knock our kids out (they all needed naps!) but nope. I think it invigorated them, too. I hope Charlotte is a good walking baby. :)

Today I am exhausted and achy, but it was all worth it. I needed the family time and the husband time. I needed to get back in the groove of church and normal nights. Routine is how I charge my batteries...introverts, you get it!

I also wanted to make sure to share something before it's too late! This week is recognized as an official week for people to ban together and perform random acts of kindness. There is a special facebook page I invite my friends to join that celebrates these acts of kindness in honor of the two young women who recently lost their lives in a car accident in our community. It has caught national attention, and it's a place where you can go to get encouraged or maybe even get some ideas of your own. I know so many of you already know all about this, but for those who don't, it's not too late to join. TOMORROW is the day that is the big push for acts of kindness - one month from the day of the accident. I just encourage everyone to participate, big or small. Just like the lesson our preschoolers and kindergartners learned this week. It really doesn't matter how small the gift...even a can be used to make a BIG impact - often bigger than we know.

Hope you all have a great day! 

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Cassie said...

yay for getting a walk in!!

three more weeks, i swear, fastest pregnancy ever!!

you look great!


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