Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well...we're a day early, but our Valentine's weekend started yesterday. :) This is going to have to be a quick one. Eric surprised us with the day off, so we're going to be scooting as soon as Evie gets out of school at 11:30 today to have a fun family day.

I am so excited that we have a new camera lens! It's been kind of a pain to blog lately because our good camera's one and only lens has been broken. We finally sent it off to be fixed and bought another lens we've been wanting anyway, so now I feel like I'm back in business. Seriously guys, if you have extra money coming in soon (cough cough tax return) and you're not sure what to do with it yet (ha!) you would not regret buying a good camera if you don't have one. Just sayin!

Evelyn is currently at school having all kinds of fun while Grace had her very first Valentine's party yesterday. It was so cute watching her go through all of her loot!

We carried on with a Valentine's tradition in our house - making sugar cookies. I'm not sure why this started several years ago, but we did it once and it sort of stuck. Now it just wouldn't be love season without some of great grandma's sugar cookies!

Reagan didn't actually participate in much of the cookie making. He was too worried about his darn harmonica. That kid carries this thing around with him everywhere - even slept with it last night. One day he might be interested in this other kind of stuff, haha.

 (All I have to say is, at least it's not a shrill recorder he insists on blowing around the house!)

We took a brief intermission for dinner. I never take pictures of our food, haha, but - new lens! I was taking pictures of everything last night just to get used to using it. It's a non-zooming lens, and it's a little awkward at first.

I'm not a cook. But steak night is so easy and done in like ten minutes. Therefore, we eat a lot of steak up in here. ;) Our kids are definitely carnivores. They lick the platter clean!

When it was time for decorating the girls totally took over. They knew just what to do and required no help from mom this year.

Though they may have made a giant sugar sprinkle mess that I still have to clean up, haha. Eric also surprised me last night by bringing home a movie that I have been wanting to see, so we attempted to watch that after this. Got ten minutes in before we were swarmed by the kid brigade, and we abandoned ship. :) Kid cuddles win over "cadult" movies, as Gracie would say. 

Now I'm looking forward to taking the kids out for a surprise day! I actually have to get dressed in real pants now, so I have to skidaddle. But I hope you all have a great weekend! With your significant other...with your kids...with your friends or family...whomever you love! We sure do love you! :)

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