Friday, February 27, 2015

It's a Date

About to POP.
This picture is actually a couple of weeks old. :)
I'm slightly bigger now.
And I have better hair - thanks Erin! Haha.

Months and months ago, in the middle of summer when the weather was still HOT as could be, Eric and I walked out of my doctor's office with brand new ultrasound pictures in our hands and the confirmation that we were going to be parents, yet again. And one of the first things I did when we got home that evening after receiving our "official" due date was to find on the calendar the first Friday following said date, because I knew that our real due date would actually be that day.

And I was right. (Or at least, I think I'll be right!) Our induction date is set for March 6...the date I knew all along and shared with many people that Charlotte would be arriving. I'm always induced on a Friday, and usually the first one after my due date passes. Since my due date is March 1, March 6 was always what I had in mind!

Unfortunately, we were assigned the night shift. We actually have to go in late late on Thursday and we officially begin on March 6 at midnight. This is not ideal...on so many levels. It means an extra night away from home for our kids. It means a very thrown off schedule for us and almost a guarantee that our entire hospital stay will be a little extra groggy. We've been here...Evelyn was an overnight induction. My labors aren't usually very long from start to finish. I fully expect being up all night long with a baby in my arms in the morning, which means if we do get a chance to blog our experience as we've done with our last two babies, no one will be awake to read it. :) And it means one very long day at school for our kids before they get a chance to see their new baby sister who will likely already be on the scene. Or maybe this time around it will take HOURS and I will be grateful for the extra time.

We'll see!

I have plans to make this baby come out tonight. Baha. You've got a trick or an old wives tale? I'm doing it. I'm gonna shake rattle and roll this baby right into the world. Or...more likely...I will give myself some seriously annoying contractions that won't amount to a thing except one night of crappy sleep. :)

Either week from today we will have a baby - for sure! That's the end of the road. I really hope that this time we be able to not only take a few pictures and journal our experience but that we will also get lots of video. Not like, of the actual birth, but the before and after stuff. :) We share a lot here, but I won't be sharing that much of myself.

Now to keep this house clean for seven more days...eee....


Heather said...

Yay!!!!! So excited for you and I cannot wait to see pictures!!! Kinley was a midnight Thursday induction, and came at 5:20 pm Friday evening. Keeping my fingers crossed that she comes when you want her to come!

Adrien said...

Thanks, girl!! Evie took that long, too. I was like ZERO when we started with her, haha. But Grace and Reagan came within five or six hours of starting, so hoping it's more like that! :D If we don't go in today or tomorrow I hope she just holds out until next weekend.

Erin said...

I told you- go get a pedicure!!
Also, hot wings and a bumpy truck ride and a couple hours later I was counting how far apart the weird feeling was happening. Lol.
Good luck!!

Adrien said... wings! Not a bad idea. ;) Thanks, Erin!

Someonesmomma said...

Really? Did they say why you have to come at that time? Maybe you can come early Friday morning- like 6am???

I was induced both times with Dr. M, getting there in the late afternoon and both babies were born between 2-3AM! Tired. Tired. Tired. I totally understand!


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