Monday, February 23, 2015

Our Weekend - Clean Rooms and Smelly Soap

It's Monday. Baby is still in there. Comfy as can be! I'm cracking up, because of course she is. I would not be a bit surprised to go to the doctor tomorrow and leave with an induction date. I would welcome it, actually. I have to admit that with three other kids now having a set date and time seems more appealing than ever. The element of surprise is less exciting and more a pain in the rear. :) We've been taking advantage of these last days by going into house-ready hyperdrive.

Eric and I are set the task of fitting six people into a two bedroom house, which has prompted us to get a little creative in the organization department. So many many much stuff. Where to put it all?? That's what our weekend consisted of. We've been living in a war zone of giant furniture boxes, piles of stuff...but now we're one step closer to fitting all of the puzzle pieces together. And I do mean puzzle...I'm shocked at how much furniture we've finagled Tetris-style into one little room!

Here are the new additions....

I LOVE them.

The pictures do not even do justice to how big the bins are - they hold SO much! Most are only half full. I only wish we had these cube organizers sooner. Thank you Charlotte for prompting us to get it together. :) We were in desperate need of a new toy storage system and bookshelf...this fit the bill for both. I researched for a long time the best value on these things. By far the reviews on the Better Homes and Gardens brand organizers won out, and the price was right! Not the least expensive option, but the best for the money. The Better Homes brand can be purchased through Wal-Mart, and it's usually the least expensive place to find it. I've never been disappointed with anything from their lines. (I love the chunkiness of the outside pieces. These units don't look "cheap" like a lot of other comparable brands!) 

Anyway, before these could be put in there was A LOT of cleaning that had to be done in here. You could barely walk in our kids' room...for real, it was shameful. Toys and books and clothes everywhere. Three kids sharing ONE closet...blech. It's not ideal. But no more! Now everything has a place. All of Charlotte's things are in mine and Eric's room. We'll be bunking with a baby for quite a while, but that's not unusual for us. As a nursing mama I like to keep my baby close.

Eric and I always laugh at how ridiculous our situation sounds, but...those conversations always end with, "But it's really not that bad!" Because it really isn't. We may only have two bedrooms but our living space is just fine. Surprisingly, we don't feel cramped here. It has definitely changed our prospective on how much space we really need in the future, and I do think it will affect our upcoming home purchasing decisions. Layout is SO much more important to us than square footage. Happy as clams in our Polly Pocket place for now! :)

We did manage to still get a date night on Saturday. It was very welcome! And we were all able to make it to church this week - two weeks in a row! Whew, doing good. Haha. I have to say that I was feeling it by Sunday afternoon, though. A weekend full of bending and lifting, trips up and down the basement stairs...and most of it with all three kids at home...that took a lot of me! Got a little break at Heather's going through Miss Kinley's baby girl clothes. I think I have MORE than enough stuff for this child now, haha.

In other unrelated but relevant to my current life news...I smell like beef jerky.


This is the soap I've been using for the last couple of days. It REEKS. Haha.'s a miracle worker according to the internet.

So...added to the list of strange symptoms I've had this pregnancy is one that has popped up late in my third trimester. I have PUPPPS...which is a lovely rash on my legs and arms. Thankfully mine is a very mild case, and it goes away once baby is born, but I do not want to deliver this kid with a rash on my legs. Even if it's totally harmless. It's just not pretty. :) PUPPPS is more common in pregnancies where mom is carrying multiples, which might explain why I've never had it before. I still find it so weird that even though I lost a baby so early on my body is still responding as if there are two in there. In some ways, it's a quiet confirmation of another little life that once was.

Anyway, everyone says this particular soap is amazing for all kinds of skin conditions...PUPPPS was even mentioned specifically multiple times on Amazon. So, duh, had to get some! I knew ahead of time that other people mentioned the smell was not ideal...many describe it like the smell of a campfire. When I opened the box I was knocked on my rear. Yes, it DOES smell like a campfire. Haha. And then once it's used I swear it smells like jerky. I was so hesitant to rub this stuff on myself. And I am now the running joke in this household. I can't even walk by our main bathroom without catching a whiff of it. (Really, it smells LESS when you use it than when it's dry.) Most people said that their rash miraculously cleared in three days after using this, and this will be day three for me. I hope it works (so I can put it away, haha.) It does make you feel squeaky clean, though!

Reagan braving it in the bathroom with the pine tar soap. :D

It's so funny and so gross.

Men would probably like it. 

Unless that man is Eric...he takes pleasure in pretending to sniff me and call me Grandpa.

I swear I don't actually smell bad. Swear. :)

That was our weekend! I'll let you know if the miracle cure works out. Gosh dang, I hope so. Or else I've tortured myself for the past few days for nothing. 

Thank you for loving and not judging me, friends. Haha. Over and out!


Cassie said...

i just think the way you handle your situation without the need to want more is just awesome!! i love it. you two are a great example!!

good luck with that rash. i of course had to google and picture. LOOKS painful!!

Adrien said...

Haha, yes, Google is not kind on this one. :D Thankfully mine doesn't look like many of those. Very mild! Thanks Cassie, you are a great encouraging friend!

Heather said...

I need you to come organize me. I find it hard to keep everything for 1 child and 1 adult contained in a small 2 bedroom are my hero doing it with 2 adults and 4 children.


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