Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tiny Dancers

I can't even handle the internet today. I'm not kidding, this pregnant lady is a blubbering idiot reading about all of the random acts of kindness sweeping our community. Typically I think RAOK's are quiet, subtle ways to show someone we know or don't know that we love and care about them. But you know what...sometimes it's just good and encouraging to hear the stories behind them. If you aren't following this page you totally should. You will be blessed!

All this crying is giving me crazy contractions, though. Haha.  Speaking of that...I need to brag on our parents a bit for the ridiculous kindness they show us every single day. They seriously go above and beyond for our family. As I near the end of this pregnancy (just like with all of my pregnancies before this one) it becomes increasingly difficult for me to drive any significant distance. For some reason, riding in the car starts insane contractions for me. The later in my pregnancy, the worse it gets. At least when I'm the passenger I can shift and move a bit and attempt to get more comfortable, but when I'm driving I'm just stuck. Not to mention exteremely distracted!

Without hesitation our parents volunteer to watch kids or drive me to meet Eric halfway for my doctor's appointments. They inconvenience their day so that ours can be easier. And I can't tell you how much I appreciate them for all that they do. My doctor's office is an hour away, so it's literally an event every time - at least a three or four hour event. Now that we are down to weekly appointments it's a very frequent event...and still they are there. My mom and mother in law will definitely be showing ME an act of kindness today as they entertain my kiddos and drive me to meet Eric so that we can check up on Charlotte. Just knowing they are there for us is my blessing for the day!

But that's not the only way they help. :) The girls have been having so much fun taking ballet and tap lessons on Monday nights. This is totally Eric's mom's project with the girls. She takes them every week, and it will be the perfect excuse for them to have a way to get out of the house after the baby gets here. Last night Eric was able to stop by and peek in on his way home from work.

He reports that it is ridiculously cute watching them. :) I'm happy to be able to see them through pictures and videos while I wait at home with Reagan and cook dinner. The girls are usually starving when they get home! I definitely want to go to some of their classes, though. I can't miss out on ALL of the fun. ;)

There are a couple of other girls from both their school and Sunday School that happen to be in their same dance class, and they think that is the neatest thing.

Evie and Grace are already talking about their first recital, which they tell me is in June. They've only been in the class for three weeks, but Evie walks around the house saying, "Plie and straight, plie and straight." Haha. Ballet is their favorite part. :)

Evelyn and Grace have asked to take dance classes for quite a while, and I'm thankful for a grandma who can make that happen for them. I never want to take for granted how special it is for our kids to have grandparents who are able to be close and active in their lives. I know that is a rare thing for many these days!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day today, no matter where you are. I hope you are blessed and able to be a blessing!

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Heather said...

I agree, I'm glad not everyone is keeping these random acts of kindness anonymous. I am having the best time reading about them.


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