Tuesday, February 17, 2015

V-Day to D-Day

I could have written the world's shortest blog post for today. It would have looked something like this:


The end.

The hormones, oh the hormones! But...more on that a little later. We actually had a really great weekend, and I wasn't crabby the whole time. :)

It was Valentine's Day and President's Day weekend all in one, so it was extra long and came with some extra fun. I always joke that Valentine's day ceased to exist as a romantic holiday for Eric and me when we had kids. Now it's more of a family affair - an excuse to go out and do something all together. We strategically crafted an outing for the kids that would kill two birds with one stone this year.

Last year for Valentine's Day we went to Build-A-Bear and let the girls make their own gifts from us. Reagan was still too little to care then, haha. But it ended up being a really fun day that we said we would have to make a sort of tradition. They were running a sale on gift cards at the time which we took advantage of, and for an entire year I held on to those gift cards. Problem is, Build-A-Bear is uh...$$$. Especially when you have multiple kids. If we were to purchase stuffed animals for all four of our children and let them pick out even the simplest of outfits to put on their furry friends, it would cost anywhere from $110-$140. For stuffed animals. No. I don't even like stuffed animals all that much.

But...the gift cards. We couldn't just let them go to waste. We had just enough to purchase ONE complete stuffed animal, so I thought...since Charlotte doesn't really have any toys of her very own yet, maybe we could turn this into an excuse to make a special gift just for her which the kids could bring to the hospital when she is born and give to her. Bingo - they totally went for that. :) We knew before we even left exactly what type of animal we wanted to get for baby sister, and the girls had fun finding just the right bunny to stuff and put together for her.

Reagan on the other hand...still not interested. :D "This love stuff is for sissies."

The girls had very specific wishes for their baby sister which they kissed and put inside of "Cupcake Sweets" before she was sewn up. :) We also couldn't resist putting a "beating heart" charm that vibrates inside of her...seemed appropriate for a newborn. Eric was not a fan of the extra beating heart charm...especially when he learned of the extra cost. Baha. His face.

It was a successful day! 

On Saturday Eric and I were able to sneak away for dinner, and we actually DIDN'T go grocery shopping - imagine that. A real date. Sort of. We ended up shoe shopping...for Eric. Haha. Our little excursion found us at Frontenac mall, which if you've been there...you know. It's oddly quiet...there are hardly any children...the whole place shuts down at 7:00pm on a Saturday...and if you're wearing your five year old Old Navy pea coat and forgot your pearls and perfectly quaffed hair at home you're looking a little out of place. :D

But we needed to make a very special stop at a very specific store for some dress shoes. Being in situations such as these throw me into a serious case of the giggles. It's just...we're beans and rice people, know what I mean? And it wouldn't matter if Eric made a bazillion dollars, we would always be beans and rice people. So while Eric was being fitted and I walked around the store, I had to stifle my laughter as I heard "Every president since Ronald Reagan has worn these exact same shoes. No kidding!" Sitting perched next to the hand-sewn made-in-America loafers were copies of "The Road to Serfdom" and "The Declaration of Independence" in convenient travel sizes which you could pick up and call your very own. I mean...it was so stereotypically awesome. They have their target customer down, and Eric Robert was on his mother-ship. We laughed about it the whole way home. :) And he thanked me profusely for spending Valentine's Day looking at men's shoes. I told him I didn't mind, and I really didn't. I don't care what we're doing as long as we're together! Aw.

We also had to squeeze in another tradition this weekend with the kiddos - heart shaped pizzas! The girls talk about this all.year.long. And this year they decided they wanted to make their own personal pizzas, too. I'm always surprised at how yummy these things turn out!

And then there was Sunday...and that...is where the fun starts to fizzle for this mom.

I woke up on Sunday morning exhausted. I somehow made it through Sunday School and church, despite being abnormally achy and tired - even for me. You know when you just feel...off? I definitely did. That afternoon we knew we needed to do our neglected grocery shopping, what with the impending snow storm and all (Aldi was CrAzY), and I fell asleep on the way there. I didn't have much of an appetite all day and actually felt a bit nauseous...but I didn't feel like I was getting sick, either. Of course I chalked it up to being pregnant.

That evening at home I started realizing how frequently I had been using the bathroom all day and then some totally strange things started going down in there, which I don't have to elaborate on cause if you've been a pregnant lady you get it. If you haven't...let's just say at that moment I realized what was going on. I was having all of the textbook symptoms of an impending labor. Let's not even talk about contractions, those have been nuts for quite a while now. And the back pain...ugh!

None of these things are odd for a woman in her last weeks of pregnancy. This is what a normal pregnancy looks like just before a baby comes. Only...not for me. Haha. This is not my normal pregnancy. My normal pregnancy has me acting and feeling the same right up to the very end. My body never shows any signs that baby is coming any time soon...and I am three for three on being induced a week or more past my due date. So on Sunday night I walked out of the bathroom like a deer in headlights realizing, "Holy crap. This may not be like all of the other times. This kid could come tomorrow for all I know."

I immediately went into panic checklist mode. I easily have a week's worth of stuff to do, from washing up baby gear to packing bags and getting things organized around the house. I have essentials I need to buy and errands that need to get done before I'm stuck at home with a nursing newborn for a while. Charlotte could come today or a week from today or two weeks from today...I have no idea, but she's definitely reserving her own mystery date. Again, normal for most of the population, but not for me! It's like I'm back at baby number one...totally unpredictable.

So yesterday was just a little bit nuts. I'm feeling like crap and pushing myself to press fast-forward on all of the baby preparations. I don't want to be stuck with a crusty car seat or a dusty bedroom or nothing ready to go to the hospital with. Eric likes to go to the gym on his days off, which I'm totally cool with, but I was left alone for several hours yesterday with my giant checklist and all three kids bent on destroying everything in sight while I lugged baby swings and bassinets up the basement stairs to be dissembled and washed.

I must have looked like a crazy woman. Bursts of energy would send me running around throwing in laundry and doing the dishes...then ten minutes later I was crashed on the couch...totally out of it. Haha. Thank goodness Eric was home later on and the kids got to go outside and enjoy the snow for a bit.

I could definitely feel those end of pregnancy hormones kicking in yesterday. I have no tolerance for wild kids or incompetence or...people...at the moment. :) Don't mess with me. Just don't do it. My biggest fear is that despite all of these symptoms I will still go right up to my due date which means two more weeks of this. I apologize in advance.

Today is doctor day, and I'm really curious to see if I've made any progress. I usually don't. :) And if given any options whatsoever to speed things along I will give a loud, resounding, NO. Haha. I was caught off guard this weekend, and even though this truly sucks, I do need all the time I can get to get my act together. The plus side is, the more work my body does now, the less it has to do on D-day. I just hope my family doesn't disown me before then! ;)

The kids are home from school today for a snow day, making this an EXTRA extra long weekend. I'm not sure yet if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Grace asked Eric so sweetly, "Did they cancel work again too, daddy?" Haha, no. Unfortunately they did not. This...could be interesting. Pray for us! :D

It was a great weekend with a weird ending. Charlotte, you are keeping your mama on her toes! I actually do feel a bit better today now that the baby swing, bouncer, and car seat are squeaky clean and back together. I'm off now to reassemble the bassinet, which always proves to be a puzzle, haha. Hope you all have a great day - stay warm!


Cassie said...

what a great idea for the build-a-bear.

i still think the other name they had picked out is hilarious!!

Someonesmomma said...

"some totally strange things started going down in there"

Uhhhhhhhhh, YES! I was totally taken aback by ummmmmmmmm those "strange things". Ended up being at a 3 when I was checked after that. :O

Good luck!!!!! Sounds close!!!!!

Adrien said...

Oh yes...almost forgot...Rainbow Sausage, hehehe. We got such a kick out of that one - they were dead serious. :D

Oh boy - let's see what happens at the doctor today! My luck, nothing. Haha. But yes...my jaw dropped. "This doesn't happen to me!"

Someonesmomma said...

I don't know what would've happened but-I was curious!

I had a weekend of feeling like you did- "strange things" and lots of contractions (like rolling around on the couch, whining type contractions!). By Monday I felt fine and at my Tuesday appointment, I was at a 3! I ended up being induced that Thursday due to high BP but I'm so curious when it would've happened!

Keep us posted! :)


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