Monday, February 2, 2015

Welcome February!

I realized over this weekend that I haven't updated with a baby bump picture Have I ever put one here, other than the very first one? I am SO BAD about documenting my pregnancies this way.  Ya'll know I am not the queen of selfies...just not good at it. In fact, I had to take like five before I got one that didn't cut off my head, and this is the best I got. :)

36 weeks!

So there she is for those who don't get to see me very often. Eric commented the other day that, "You don't look as big this time as with some of the others." And I agree...though I still have a month to go, and I've been known to really balloon up the last month or so, haha. We have our first weekly appointment today, so we'll get a better idea of where we are in terms of progress, and it also happens to be an ultrasound appointment. This might be the last peek we get inside before she is born - we'll see!

This weekend was pretty swell, I have to say. It was so good to get out with the family for a little while and to watch my kids laugh and run around and have fun. Friday wasn't so great for poor Gracie. She was feverish, achy, had a terrible headache, and tried to sleep most of the day away. BUT. That kid. She has the craziest immune system of anyone I have ever seen. You can literally watch her body fight off an infection - and win, nearly every time. She has one day, or sometimes even half a day, where she is down for the count. Her white blood cells come marching in and do their thing, and by that night or the next day you would never know she had just been sick (or that something attempted to make her sick.) It's insane, and I wish her soldier cells could put the rest of ours through boot camp sometime. :) Lucky duck!

The kids had been looking forward to John's 7th birthday party, and I was so glad when Grace woke up on Saturday like a new kid. We would all be able to go - the first time in a month that we've been able to get out and do something all together. John's party was supposed to be several weeks before, but it was rescheduled because half of the party guests were sick!

It was a bounce house birthday party - perfect for a bunch of kids who desperately needed to get out and burn off some energy!

Can't even tell you how happy it made me to see all of the smiles. Sometimes we take for granted just being "normal."

It was also a PIZZA party, and my kids were ready to EAT. Haha. I'm telling you...their appetites since being sick...crazy!

I can't believe that John is seven - SEVEN! He came to my parents at just a couple of weeks old...I remember Eric and I would sit on the couch with him and talk and coo and play. It had been quite a while since there was a baby in the house, and we thought he was the cutest thing! John was just a little squirt at our wedding that September. Now look at him!

I love that the kids in our family get just as big of a kick out of funny cards as they do the gifts, haha. If it's funny or plays music, you're golden. :)

So fun!

Reagan might have had just a little too much fun at this shindig, because he kept me up ALL.NIGHT.LONG on Saturday night. Up and down, up and down...and when he got up, he did not want to go back down. He and I ended up missing church the next day, because I was a zombie. So the rest of the family went without us, and yesterday afternoon Eric and I took our normal errands date for the weekend. It was wonderful to get out with him! Last night Eric took a test which was a big hurdle in getting closer to his CFP certification. We may have been a bit pathetic so far in 2015, but he has been killing it with all of his goals for the year already. Proud of him!

Now here we are today - it's Groundhog's Day! I haven't heard any news on the shadow thing yet - but if that thing knows what's good for him....


Looking forward to checking up on Charlotte and having a normal week! Let's see if all of the contractions I've been having have done any good. ;) Happy week, friends!

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Cassie said...

you're looking great!!! good luck today. can't believe there's only four weeks left.


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