Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What a Beautiful Mess We're In

I was sitting on the table at the doctor's office yesterday, my slightly puffy feet dangling bare below me...it was the awkward wait between "Go ahead and take off everything from the waist down," and the doctor's soft knock on the door...when I noticed the indentions on my ankles where my socks had just been. I cocked my head to the side like a puppy and thought, "I wonder if I put ice cubes on my fat if it would pop back up faster like it does on carpet."

It's a legitimate question, I think.

I'll make sure to try it sometime and let you know.

Charlotte is wonderful, by the way. Wonderful...and huge. My child weighs 6 pounds, 8 ounces already. She's measuring several days ahead...her head is about a week bigger than average. I'm starting to wonder if all of the newborn clothes I bought will even fit her when she comes out, haha. But isn't that what we prayed for all along? "Please God, let her grow. Just let this baby grow!"

Well she grew and grew and grew. Kind of hoping she sloooows it down over the next four weeks. Put a little too much oomph in those prayers or something. :) No but really, so thankful for her continued growth and health! She's a blessing.

You know, it kind of makes me sad sometimes when I think back to the days when I only had one baby at home. I see pictures of Evelyn when she was itty bitty and then I look at her now, and it's just nuts how fast all of that growing stuff happened. Five years encompasses her entire life, but it doesn't seem like much at all in mine. Somehow, even though it's hard to wrap my mind around it now, that one child took up as much of my time and attention as the 3.5 children I have now. I often think, "Man - I can't imagine what I could do with just one!" but then I put myself in my own shoes five years ago and realize that being a mom is being a mom. One or three or five or more...once you take the plunge, that's it. Your life just doesn't completely belong to you anymore. I actually think I got less done when I had less kids. Does that sound crazy to you? Because it does to me! Makes no sense, but mommy math rarely does.

ANYWAY. I say these things because I'm thinking about my oldest daughter today and the funny little person she has become. She is SMART. Too smart for her own good...some might call her a little devious at times, because she plots. Up until now we have usually been able to catch her in the middle of her hijinks, but she pulled one over on us yesterday.

There are a few benefits to having a mom who works at the school your children attend. I get the inside scoop on a lot of things I would otherwise know nothing about when it comes to my kiddos every day. :) Apparently Evelyn came bouncing into the cafeteria yesterday with a shiny, tin, Tinkerbell lunch box in hand and a big ole satisfied smile on her face. Instead of following her classmates in line to get a hot lunch, she sat down with her lunchbox and began unpacking her feast.

But my mom, who has literally seen Evelyn walk into that cafeteria hundreds of times over the past two years, knew that something was up. Evelyn never brings her lunch to school. So like any good grandma, she went out to investigate.

"Did you bring your lunch to school today Evelyn?" she asked. Keeping it casual, you know, stating the obvious.

"Yep!" she said with a smile.

"Well, what did you bring to eat?" asked the wise grandmother.

Evelyn proudly showed her the contents of her lunchbox: a string cheese, a bottle of water, and four powdered donuts.

I am winning no mother of the year awards over here, but even my mom knows I wouldn't have sent my child to school with that lunch, haha.

"Does your mom know that you brought your lunch today?"

Evie smiled her biggest smile and slowly shook her head no. Oh, but she was so proud of that lunch she had packed and successfully smuggled out the door that morning. I can just see her sneaking around the kitchen and filling that tin box...slipping it into her book bag...then later at school enthusiastically raising her hand when her teacher asked who brought their lunch that day. Ahahaha. I told Eric all about it and he said, "So that's why she asked me to hold her book bag this morning and asked, 'Does it feel heavier than usual to you, daddy?'"

She played it right under our noses, practically begged to get caught, and we were totally duped. :)

We could not resist ribbing our oldest about this all night long. She thought, and still thinks, it was totally funny. I mean, so do we, but the parents in us had to remind her that string cheese and powdered donuts do not a nutritious lunch make. And being sneaky, while quite hilarious after the fact, is probably not the best idea. Homegirl will not be packing her own lunches for a while, haha. Heaven help us, we have years and years of this stuff to come. First it's smuggled lunch boxes, then what comes next? Not sure I want to know!

In other news, Eric is the "S" word, again. I won't even say it because it is a dirty dirty word in this house. He's home from work, and I cannot believe that it has come back. I'm in denial. And Gracie is itching all over from something that we cannot figure out. She walks around the house doing a little contorted tribal jig to scratch all of her itchy places. We are a mess. So let this bring encouragement to all who read this today. No matter how messed up your day is, at least your not "one of those crazy Roberts!" Just give us a TV show already. Or at least a circus act. We would make an excellent side show. If you're interested in joining just go ahead and hop in our clown car. Next stop - dysfunction junction.

Later taters!


sblind2 said...

Oh Evie - that is the cutest story ever!!

Adrien said...

She will never live it down. :D

Heather said...

6 lbs 8 oz...that was Kinley's birth weight! And they told me she would be over 7 lbs.

I used to sneak quarters to school so I could buy sodas and then sneak the sodas back home where I hid them in my room and drank them as fast as I could while I did my homework with the door closed. Still don't know if my mom was aware of this. My soda addiction started a LONG time ago :)

Adrien said...

Oh my gosh Heather, that cracks me up!! :D


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