Monday, March 30, 2015

Feeling Fabulous

Well I'll be honest, I didn't intentionally take an entire week off of blogging, but that's what happened. It was a nice break to get just a tiny bit of extra rest and cuddles in with my baby in the mornings without having to use my brain too much. :) I needed it! Miss Charlotte has realized there's a lot to see in this big world and consequently we've been seeing her eyeballs a little more than before - both during the day and at night. Haha. So is good.

I can't really complain though, she's still a stellar sleeper by newborn standards. :)

I have been bitten hard by the spring cleaning bug lately, and for me that means more than just tidying up around here. I may have been doing just a little bit of shopping for our house. The kind where you decide to change the colors of your decor and start all over. I never do anything like that, but boy that bug...he took one look around this place, clucked his little bug tongue, and ordered me to go shopping. So it wasn't really me. We needed some sprucing up! I've also been getting my craft on a bit, something I haven't been able to do in ages. Perhaps I'll show you some of these things later this week!

Life just continues to be so swell at the moment. It feels great to see the sun shining longer, I have way more energy than I did when I was pregnant (and that's saying something with a new baby), Eric is sooo close to the end of his Master's degree and graduation day, and fresh air is doing everyone some good.

In between the cooler and rainy days there have been bbq's and days outside with the family...

Hopscotch and strawberry shortcakes (with ice cream!) have made their way back into our lives.

Spring rocks my world.

Allergies have also come to our house, but we don't need to talk about that now do we? Nope. Keeping it positively positive here.

The older kiddos were able to go to an egg hunt this weekend and spend the afternoon with grandma Joan, while Eric and I got back in the swing of date nights. Oh date nights, how we have missed thee.... (thanks mom for watching the kids! Where would we be without our moms?)

The kids were giving me fake smiles, so I told them to say "Fartfignoogan!" and that did the trick. Works every time, you should try it. :)

And this week we are gearing up for Easter! I'm 90% done with all of the shopping for the festivities, and I just hope the weather holds out for outdoor activities and all of the cute dresses I'm sure so many of your lovely girls will be wearing. :) If any of ya'll are looking for a church to visit Easter Sunday you just let me know and we'll save you a seat!

It looks like we are going to have a beautiful first part of the week. It totally puts me in the mood to take more pictures and do more fun things again. Feels good to be back to normal, and I hope you all are getting a nice shot of energy, too!

I'll leave you with my beautiful Charlotte and her pal, Pinworthy the bear.

This is what happens when big sister Evelyn is in charge of "keeping the baby happy" for two seconds while I step away. She has a long-standing history of decorating her baby siblings, haha.

Hope you have a great day, and I PROMISE we'll be back tomorrow! ;)

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Heather said...

Awww...she's already changing in looks so much!! Such a doll!

And don't even get me started on allergies.


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