Monday, March 16, 2015

I Adore the Number Four

Morning cuddles with this lovely....

I couldn't choose just one photo, so I chose six. I'm not in love with this child or anything.

Few people get to see her with her eyes open, but when they are, she's the smiliest little thing. :)

Charlotte did find a piece of her inner diva this weekend. On her two week birthday she decided to throw a little fit, and in a highly appropriate place - the place where all children go to throw their fits: Walmart. Our ordinarily quiet baby worked herself up right in the ladies underwear aisle...wasn't having any of that business.

Oh, it was a great weekend! I got out and about and life just feels totally real and normal again. I can't even express how thankful (and lucky!) I've been to have four babies and never once had the baby blues or anything like that. I've had the "Oh crap what have we done??" panic attack before, but never the blues. :) 

So on Friday Eric got home from work late. We had a late dinner and hung out at home - a typical Friday evening for us. But my Saturday was very full. I was put the test getting myself and four kids ready to go out for the day. (It will be glorious when Eric doesn't have to work on Saturdays anymore!) Charlotte and I were heading to a baby shower while the other kids hung out with grandma and grandpa Robert for the afternoon. 

It was Charlotte's very first public excursion, and just the right one. I'm so excited for my friend Monica to have her very first baby. And...she picked an awesome name for her baby girl, I must say. One of the top three we had picked for Charlotte, haha - Caroline. I'm so glad to know someone using that name! I don't have any pictures from the shower, but I did find these ancient ones on our computer....

Childhood friends are the best kind...and we've known each other since singing "Jesus Loves Me" in preschool Sunday School class. :)

On Saturday evening we celebrated my brother's 24th birthday at my parent's house with tacos and cake. I'm not sure if there will ever be a time that we stop celebrating birthdays in my family, haha. We haven't stopped yet. (I'm trying not to think about my birthday this sends a little shiver down my spine.) It was a full and fun day, and as usual, our baby slept through most of it.

Sunday was our first trip back to church, and I'd say it went quite well. It's always nice to introduce family to family, and that's what we did with our little Miss all morning long. That afternoon Eric and I ran our weekend errands with Charlotte in tow. That's when said fit throwing went down...but in her defense, it was towards the end of our trip and baby girl was hungry. After grocery shopping we had to make a stop to pick up an order for a second double stroller...because we've entered that crazy territory now.

We got in a really nice walk in the pleasant weather yesterday! 

It's so funny having four kids. When you have three kids and people see you in public they get a good chuckle, smile at you, and say things like, "Looks like you have your hands full there!" When you have four kids, people do a double take, pull strange faces, and you can tell their internal dialogue is either "Are all of those kids theirs??" or "Are they old enough to have that many kids??" I'm not even exaggerating. I've made jokes about us being a side show before, but now I truly feel like we are one, haha.

But I've gotta say I'm an advocate of four. If you're debating how many kids you should have - four. It's a swell number. ;) Everyone I know with four kids says the same thing, so I swear it's not just me. Something magical in that number four - it just feels right. is such a beautiful thing, no matter the size!

Today is picture day at school, and I promised Grace that I would straighten her hair. We also have to put the finishing touches on her leprechaun trap for preschool. Do you remember this from years ago? Yep, totally using it again with a few upgrades, haha. So I'm signing off to spend some time with one of my other favorite kids this morning. Leaving you today with full and happy hearts!

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