Wednesday, March 11, 2015

This is just so beautiful....

Seems like so long ago already!

With each of our children we have created videos after their birth to remember our very first minutes with our new babies...those precious first moments that are so easy to forget in the blur of all of the activity and exhaustion. When Gracie was born we had her video finished before we even left the hospital, haha. We weren't so on top of things this time around, but we have finally been able to sift through the pictures and video clips to put something together for our Charlotte.

Eric and I always enjoy thinking about these videos...making sure to pick just the right song for each one of our children and how we are feeling in the moment - where we are in life. I think this one sums us up quite well right now. I hope you enjoy these small bits of our experience, taken from our family photos and home videos. We'll never forget the day Charlotte made her debut into our family!

And with that our baby posts come to end. Not really, Charlotte isn't going anywhere any time soon. But I think we've shared all we can share about her coming into the world. Now it's just life! And yes, it is beautiful. :)


Heather said...

Well damn. That did nothing for my "one and done" mentality.

So precious! Loved watching all the kids with her! That's what gets me the most!

Adrien said...

I've heard that two can be easier than one, because they can keep each other entertained. ;) Haha. Love you, girl!

Cassie said...


everyone is having babies and i just want another one SO BAD!!

she is beautiful, your family is beautiful and i am SO happy for you guys. xoxo

Sara Simpson said...

Seriously such a precious video. Loved it. I'm hiring you & Eric to teach me how to make these!!!! You have a beautiful family.


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