Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up - Sleepy Addition

Well whoops, it looks like I missed Monday for a little weekend wrap up! I am losing track of days here...I'm like a cave woman ticking off dash marks on the wall and trying to figure out the time by the placement of the sun in the sky. Or something. Life with a newborn, you know.

So what has it really been like with four kids five and under so far? Honest to goodness...not bad. Not bad at all. And I was expecting pretty bad for at least a little while. :) I would say the worst of it is me, and I totally get that it's me...all of the crazy post-baby hormones. You don't realize they are there...but they are there. I have about half of the patience and no tolerance for loud noise and giant messes, which you know, being in a house with a bunch of little people means that my stress level rises and falls about fifty times a day.

The kids have adjusted remarkably well, Charlotte is amazing, and Eric is a good teammate, so I figure once I'm right in the head again things will be pretty grand around here. :)

So let's talk about this kid for a minute....

Charlotte has to be in the running for easiest baby in the history of babies. She's one of those newborns that I used to think only existed in fairy stories, because I surely never had it this easy before. When Evelyn was born I distinctly remember thinking "I thought newborns were supposed to sleep a lot!" Because she didn't. And the same with Grace and Reagan. They were up most of the day, looking around, checking things out, needing stimulation and to be held. At night they were decent sleepers but I remember pacing the dark floors for hours getting them back to sleep again once they woke up.

Our fourth child sleeps so much I have to wake her to eat. At first I worried she had her days and nights mixed up, but nope. She sleeps just as much at night. When she does wake I nurse her for five minutes before she drifts off again. (It's kind of amazing.) And during the day when she graces us with her bright eyes she is the happiest, smiliest baby I have ever seen. She's always got this sort of punch-drunk, totally content with life lazy grin on her face, and I have heard her laugh out loud at least three times. Never seen anything like it, but I will take it! (No kidding, as I type she is sleeping in my arms and cracking herself up. It's highly entertaining.)

So we decided to test our luck this weekend by seeing if Charlotte's awesome behavior at home would hold true as a traveling baby. I had to get out of this house and do something...even if it meant strapping all of the kids in the car and just going for a drive. And that's pretty much what we did...all weekend long.

No shortage of helping hands here! :)

On Friday Charlotte had her follow up appointment with our pediatrician, and she looked just perfect. The child gained four ounces in just a few days! Can't say I don't feed my children. :) Since Evie and Grace were in school we went out for lunch and took a trip to the store just for something to do. That night we had dinner with Eric's parents at their house...Charlotte slept and nursed almost the whole time.

On Saturday night we drove to the car wash and stopped at Sonic for slushies. Most of us never even got out of the car, we just had to go somewhere. Charlotte slept the entire time.

On Sunday afternoon Evelyn and Reagan got haircuts while Grace, Charlotte, and I waited in the car, Eric ran into the store for some diaper reconnaissance, and...Charlotte slept the entire time.

 Yay for haircuts!

The theme was we were going places but not really having to go anywhere, haha. Lots of time in the car and looking out of the window...just getting some fresh air while keeping a newborn out of a ton of public places during this nasty cold and flu season. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure our baby picked up a cold from Grace and Reagan, anyway. We can't seem to escape that junk around here. Charlotte doesn't even flinch when I use the nose sucker on her. Pretty impressed by that.

Since she has been such a laid back addition to our family, so far having four kiddos has been barely different than having three. Any concerns I had going in have been unfounded. I hope it stays this way for as long as possible. ;)

As for me, other than the lack of patience thing, my recovery has gone very well. I find that it gets easier with each baby. It's a built-in mom reward, I'm convinced. Feeling pretty swell.

We're just livin and lovin!

 Life is good. Hope it's good where you are, too. :)


Heather said...

I have to say...I love all her clothes :)

You are seriously my hero mama. I am awed by how easy you make it look.

Adrien said...

Ha - I know, Heather! When I published this I realized that every single outfit she was wearing was something of Kinley's. Told you - total lifesaver! :D

Heather said...

Thought it might give me a little pang of sadness seeing all her itty bitty clothes out there on another baby...but I love it. She's so dang cute!!!


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