Friday, April 24, 2015

Confession Friday 4-24!

If I don't crank this one out lickety split my house will be destroyed.

I'm pretty sure it IS being destroyed as I sit here nursing a baby and juggling a laptop.

I confess that I don't want to go out there and find out what's happening. No one can make me!

So about this nursing business...let's not waste any time. It's a Confession Friday.

I confess that sometimes breastfeeding can be a real drag. A big ole pain in the butt. Especially in my case, because I can't pump bottles to leave behind so that I can go and do other things. Normally this doesn't bother me that much, but this time...I have to miss Gracie's first school field trip. Eric will be out of town and he can't go, either. I can't tell you how upset this makes me (and Eric) especially after we made such a big deal over Evie's first trip last year. kills my mom heart. I wanna be there with her. She is so excited. Thank goodness grandma can tag along next Friday, but I guarantee as soon as the door closes behind her that morning I'm going to dissolve into a puddle of tears. It sucks.

Oh geez...let's think about something else. What makes me happy?

Oh yeah! I confess I'm already planning our next Disney trip in full-force detail, and we're not leaving until fall 2016. Baha. The extended Robert family is taking over The World. There's going to be over 20 of us. It's going be insane. Insanely AWESOME. I'd tell you to stay tuned, but this one is going to be a while. :)

I was prepping for dinner yesterday when I heard a loud THUNK THUNK coming from the living room. What the heck??

Reagan decided to use the broom as target practice on the spinning ceiling fan.
Help me!

I confess that my son was being so annoying as I was chopping up raw chicken for dinner, BEGGING for me to give him a bite, that I almost gave him one. Then I decided I wouldn't really want to have to fess up to that one in the emergency room when he got salmonella, so I chased him out of the kitchen with my tongs. 

I confess I really wish I could record and post what I'm hearing RIGHT NOW. Gracie is rapping. Like legit, busting a rhyme. About My Little Pony. Ahahaha....

I confess that I sleep with diapers and wipes so that when Charlotte wakes up in the middle of the night I don't ever have to get out of bed. I'm so smart. I'm also lazy.

I confess that I don't know how to french braid, and it makes me sad. No matter how hard I try, I just it. I have three daughters and I can't french braid their hair. I feel that it's one of my biggest mom failures. Haha.

I confess that I avoid draining forgotten bathwater like the plague when the kids forget to pull the plug. I'll put it off as long as possible. There is nothing worse than plunging my hand into a tub of ice cold cloudy suds. Scenes from Titanic flash through my head every time. Not even joking. There's a tub in there waiting for me. *Shiver.*

I helped the girls shoot a video with their dolls, but we couldn't stop laughing long enough to finish it. A giant boy kept peeking through the windows while we were filming. "Yoohoo!"

I confess that there is only one upside to Eric traveling next week. Sloppy joes. Oh man, I have our whole menu planned already. :D

I confess that Reagan just discovered the joys of streaking, and really...I'm wondering what took him so long. I think the girls have him beat on this one. :)

I confess that I don't know how I lived without a Wubbanub before this baby. Best invention ever!

I confess that Grace has been asking to get her ears pierced lately. I had been waiting for that one!! And then...I made the mistake of letting her watch The Parent Trap this week. "Mom, I changed my mind. I don't want my ears pierced." Well, at least Eric will be happy.

And finally, on a serious note...I confess that I have never been more content in all of my life. 

I laid in bed last night listening to my breathing baby and thought, "Somebody pinch me!" Our life isn't perfect by any stretch, but it's pretty darn good. Six people in a two bedroom house and I'm in no hurry to move, no hurry for things to change, no hurry for more of anything. Wish it could stay this way forever!

I'm looking forward to soaking up as much time with Eric this weekend before we say "Sianara!" Hope you have a great one, and we'll see ya next week!




Heather said...

1. Why does your baby boy look so grown up in that broom picture???

2. I had to Google Wubbanub.

Adrien said...

Ugh, I know! We brought Charlotte home and I think it kicked his growing up into overdrive!


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