Thursday, April 30, 2015

Disney Vlogs - Part 3!

Someone must be praying for us, because this week hasn't been bad at all. :) I seriously hope I'm not jinxing myself. But really. We're doing swell. So thank you, whoever you are!

This time last year I was a busy bee preparing for our Disney World vacation...making reservations, planning our days, scouting out just the right outfits and all other facets of obsessive planning. This year I am having so much fun helping half a dozen friends with their own vacations. If I can't go myself, then I am thrilled to live through someone else, and I know so many people who have caught Disney fever - LOVE it! 

Somewhere along the way I lost steam and never did finish our Disney Vlogs from last September, but after a week of helping others with their trips, I have the bug to work on them again. The kids and I have really enjoyed going back through the footage and watching all of our memories this week. I think Reagan gets it more now than he did when we were there, which makes me that much more excited to take him back!

Since it has been so long, I thought I'd link you up to the first two vlogs. You know, in case you forgot. Or if you never got to see them. Or if you're really, really bored. ;)

And finally, here is part three!

In this installment we are on our fourth park day in the Animal Kingdom. I decided to make this it's own video so that we could share plenty of footage from The Festival of the Lion King show that the girls were chosen to be a part of. You can read all about how that experience came to be right here. It was one of our favorite memories from the trip!

There's just one more video left, and I hope to share it with you next week! See ya real soon! ;)

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April Robert said...

That's wonderful the girls got that opportunity to be a part of the show. The final clip of the video is great! =)


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