Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you all had a blessed Easter and/or are having a blessed Passover this week. I have a couple of Messianic Jewish friends who celebrate both! I wish I could be a Messianic Jew...haha. That is like the pinnacle of awesome to me. :) In college I had the pleasure of attending worship and fellowship in a synagogue for one class and a seder meal for Passover in my History of Judaism class, and I loved it!

ANYWAY, we had a great Easter weekend. We are pooped! Eric just went back to work this morning, and I think we both felt like we needed a long weekend to recover from our long weekend.

The kids and I dyed eggs with John and my mom on Saturday. They were all more into this year than ever before - even Reagan! And this was the first year in as long as I can remember that we didn't have a giant spill within two minutes of starting. :) It was a success!

Haha, Charlotte....

...she enjoyed it, too. 

Afterwards my mom told the Easter story with the resurrection eggs.

We were already very familiar with these eggs, but my mom was given a brand new set at our local IGA store that morning. They were handing them out for free - awesome!

Reagan was enjoying a little wine from the tiny goblet during the Last Supper portion of the story...baha...perhaps a bit too much. :D

It made for a great morning!

We stayed home that night as everyone prepared for a big next day. I was up late working a little magic which made life extra difficult when Grace decided to wake the whole house up extra early to see all of the new treats that they got. Between staying up, getting up with Charlotte, and waking up early I maybe got three hours of sleep? Still recovering....

It finally happened. I was waiting for it. This was the first holiday where the kids decided to take matters into their own hands - particularly Gracie. She swore she was going to catch a certain bunny in action. When that didn't happen she woke up, woke her big sister up, and they snuck out of their room to see their baskets before mom and dad even knew what was going on. I didn't get to see their first reactions to anything, but they sure were excited when they jumped in our bed and listed every single thing they got! Little stinkers. :) 

Thank goodness I had the foresight last year when we got new baskets to buy a fourth matching Easter basket - even though we weren't even pregnant yet and had no idea we would be so soon. It worked out perfectly. 

I try to keep a lid on the amount of candy in our baskets, because I know there will be more later. But I did catch Reagan trying to open his sour punch straws for breakfast. :)

I'm always amazed at how much we are able to accomplish on Easter morning. We wake up, the kids get their baskets, we make a family breakfast, we bathe everyone and get ready for church, the kids have an egg hunt, and then we make it out the door for Sunday School at 9:30am. I'm shamelessly giving us an award for doing that with four kiddos this year, haha. But that would probably explain why we peaked at about 10:00am that day. ;)

Of course our holiday-crazed Grace was chomping at the bit and the first at the door to hunt eggs!


Church however...was a disaster. :D The kids did okay in Sunday school, but we deteriorated during the church service, making it to about the second song before three of our four kids had a meltdown. T.I.R.E.D. I took Charlotte back to the nursery to nurse, and by the time I came out I saw Eric in a rocking chair with a sleeping Reagan in his lap. They were done for the day and it had only just begun, haha.

We had two family Easters to attend that afternoon. Both were filled with delicious food, treats for the kids, and more egg hunts! 

Happy first Easter, Charlotte!

Baby girl got lots of attention!

Cuteness everywhere!

At my parent's house there were 115 eggs hidden...for four kids. Haha. The yard was dripping eggs!

Evelyn was literally praising Jesus as she ran around the yard in egg hunt wonderland. :D

As usual my mom whipped up a feast of ham and all the fixings. She made chocolate pies and bunny cake and a vanilla pudding dessert...so stuffed! My mom loves to cook. :) It's fitting then that next year she will be the head cook at our kids' school. So if your kiddos attend the public school here, watch out! She has ideas. Haha. 

And more treats for the kids...

They ended this day like they do most holidays...saying it was the best day of their lives and asking how long until next Easter. Even though we were exhausted...there were meltdowns...and it was a super long day, we survived it and came out with some good memories. As always I'm so thankful for family who love on our kiddos and spends time with us. 

Easter is the most meaningful holiday on the Christian calendar. Pretty sure I say this every year, but I'll say it again. Christmas is wonderful, but without Easter, Christmas means nothing. Easter is what it all hinges on. It's what the whole story is about. The rest of scripture...meaningless without Easter. Going to church...meaningless without Easter. We participate in the fun stuff, because it's just fun. But our family prepared for weeks in anticipation of this day...reading the story at home and at church...reminding each other what it's really all about. Christ died on the cross and, most importantly, he rose again. His sacrifice saved my soul, and I pray yours, too. His life and death divides time and history. It's sort of a big deal. :) 

We love Easter, and we hope you had a good one, too!


Heather said...

Whew! Girl, I don't know how you do it all! Super Mom.

Adrien said...

Ha! I was thinking of you on Sunday and happy to see that you had Kinley back by the afternoon!

Cassie said...

Happy Easter to you and your family!!


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