Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Here I go again on my own....

Well, here we are. Eric is gone.

It's now four to one.

One body against four.

Two arms against eight.

Eight legs against two. But only six of those little legs can run. So. Not too bad.

As long as kids take naps, no one makes a mess, and everyone gets along we should be just fine. Eee...yeeeah. I'm giving myself a three melt-down per day limit. It's a noble goal. :) On a typical day I make it to about 5:00pm before I lose a little piece of myself. That's usually when the un-napped kids get crabby, I'm trying to make dinner, people start running around like banshees, and all heck breaks loose. The only thing that pulls me through this dark hour is knowing Eric will be home soon so I can hand off a baby and finally get a shower and ten minutes of peace.

Ok seriously, when am I going to get a shower this week? When the clock strikes 5:00 each day, say a little prayer for me, won't you? Haha.

It's actually bedtime that I dread the most. Charlotte needs my undivided attention to get to sleep, but now I have a few other kiddos that will need help simultaneously. Teeth brushing, flossing, and rinsing, and reading and prayers...I never do it as good as daddy does. (And I will be gently reminded.) It'll be fine tonight. We'll pull through with a valiant effort. But I just know that by tomorrow there will be no rest for the weary. We'll all end up in one bed poking each other in the eye...feet in faces...bodies - bodies everywhere. My children will go to bed un-flossed. It's going to happen, just you wait and see.

But...I also know I'll get sleepy I love you's and Gracie will turn to me and say something like, "I don't ever want to get married, I want to stay with you forever" just like she did last night. And I'll forget everything those turds did all day that drove me nuts. Yes, at 5:00pm I'll be locking myself in a closet and mumbling incoherently, but once the children are nestled all pretzeled in my bed, it's like it was all just a dream. Look at the darlings.

I don't have any pictures to show you of the darlings. But I can show you a painted letter "R." That's pretty interesting.

My facebook friends know that yesterday there was a little, er, mishap between me and a can of spray paint. When I paint something I always do it in many light layers over and over so that I don't get any drips. I had already been outside twice and was heading out for round three when I picked up the spray can, gave it a little shake and pressed hard on the nozzle. And that's when I received a nice blast of air and toxic fumes to the face. I sprayed myself right across the forehead. I mean. I was in complete shock, followed quickly by utter disbelief. What a doofus! All for a wooden letter. :) I also painted a vase, just like in this ancient post. My pointer finger was nice and blue yesterday.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do with that dang shelf. And here's a picture of our new tv stand, too. Woop!

Oh, and I lied. One of the darlings....

He was watching "Dog."

Or Bolt, as most people know it by. :)

I think I'm ready for whatever life throws at us this week. I make fun of the chaos, but really...not a big deal. I like my job. :) Eric should have a good time in DC for a few days, working and hanging out with some pretty cool people. Meanwhile I'll happily hold down the fort, knee deep in boogers. The juxtaposition of our lives cracks me up sometimes! 

I thought with any free time I might get this week (ha!) that I could finally sit down and work on the rest of our Disney vlogs. I believe we stopped at part two before I pooped out. :D That was only like six or seven months ago. But I've been hankering to get them finished, so...we'll see. Have a great week!


Stefanie said...

First of all, I love that you used the word "juxtaposition"....greenville memories flooded back just by reading that word. No joke.
And second, oh seriously. The not getting a break when they get home is exhausting. I may or may not lock myself in the bathroom to "pee" for about 5/10minutes after dinner when Tyler is home. The peace, the quiet...the pounding on the door as I check Facebook and pretend I can't hear them just for a couple minutes. But gosh, I love it.

Adrien said...

I think we are cut from the same cloth, haha! Wearing my (extremely holy) NSO shirt today. And by holy, I mean...full of holes. :D

Cassie said...

you can do it!!

i have to say i am IMPRESSED you floss your kids teeth. THAT alone is super impressive.

i will be thinking of you come 5:00, can i bring you anything? a sweet tea? that ALWAYS seems to help! lol.

Adrien said...

Ha! I do love sweet tea. ;) My mama took care of us tonight. We survived the dark hour!

Heather said...

5:00...I hate 5:00. That's Kinleys meltdown time too...and it also happens to be exactly what time I get off work. And exactly what time she demands dinner :) We will be around all week if you need some grown up talk!


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