Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Monthly Wrap Up - March!

I have this thing I do with the blog every time we have a new baby in our house. I get the urge to want to record every single detail of their existence...every milestone...every tiny thing that I don't want to forget months or years from now. I am hopelessly horrible at keeping up with a baby book, but blogging...well, I'm doing that anyway, so I want to WRITE ALL OF THE THINGS. And my solution is always to do that in a little end-of-the-month recap of all of my babies and what they're up to.

So that's what this is.

And it works out perfectly this time, because our little Charlotte Rose celebrates her monthly milestones on the first of every month. No better time to look back on the previous month and to see how she and the other kids have grown. :)

Without further ado....

Happy One Month, baby girl!!

I think I've gushed just a little bit already about what a good baby she is. And by good, I mean pretty stinkin easy and pleasant to be around. (All babies are good babies!) Charlotte has already gained over a pound in her first month of life and is getting super strong with lots of tummy time. It's so funny watching a tiny baby do push-ups. :)

My favorite thing to do is to watch her sleep. I really really wish I knew what babies could possibly dream about. There is a lot of drama going on in there from what I can tell. Plenty of plot twists and turns.. and a lot of comedy, mixed with a bit tragedy and a dash of suspense. Her belly laugh is the BEST thing in the world, and it only comes out in her sleep. Ooooh, I swore I wouldn't say things like this this time, but I can't wait to hear that laugh for real someday. :)

Unlike our other babies, who we could always tell favored one side of the family or another, I can't figure out who in the world this child looks like. She looks like Charlotte, I suppose. Just her own little person with her own unique look. She still has red hair mixed with both very blonde and very dark streaks, so the verdict is out on what it will end up being! I do know one thing - I think her eyes are staying blue. That brings our total to two brown-eyed and two blue-eyed babes!

I love her long baby toes and her pouty little lips. I love her fuzzy shoulders when they peek out of a onesie. I love her piercing stare as she focuses on my face, and the reward of a sweet smile when she realizes I am smiling at her. I love how content she is, because even though that might have everything to do with her and little to do with me, it still makes me feel like I must be doing something right. I really could not ask for anything more.


Oh, Reagan. Our lone boy in a sea of girls. :) As you might expect, this makes him the one and only mama's boy who gets lots of my attention because he's CUTE and he's MINE.

Reagan is a tidy child. He likes everything to be in it's place...which is probably a little maddening for him living in this house! But he's so so sweet and helpful. Reagan helps with the laundry and the dishes. He is the first to run for a towel when there is a spill. He holds open doors for his mama. He brings me things for the baby...even when I don't ask or need them, but still...he is a good egg.

We have very recently noticed Reagan's official transition from more babyish to more toddlerish behaviors. He's talking more, interested in more things, and he just seems older. Reagan's favorite thing in the world right now would be the Cars movies (thank goodness there are 2 or I would literally be watching the exact same movie every single day!) and he loves McQueen and Mater...or as he calls them, "Makeen" and "Maymoo." Oh my gosh, we ask him who the characters are 20 times a day just to hear him say it. He is obsessed with shoes, coats, and carrying change in his pocket...usually three pennies. He's my little buddy, and I love him dearly!


Gracie will probably always be our most headstrong child, but by george, I think we've turned a corner with our second born baby. I'm not saying she doesn't still get over tired and throw a fit now and again, but she definitely has more control over it than she did when she was younger. We are finally getting to see some of the benefits of being strong-willed that it feels like we've waited forever for.

We often refer to Grace as the "brave" child...mostly because she's the first one to try new things. I love having conversations with her now. She was slow to talk as a toddler, but now she can tell stories with great description and animation, and she's a hoot! Gracie loves school, loves that she has friends at that school, and thinks the world revolves around her teachers. She is very enthusiastic to tell me what she does every day. I absolutely love getting to hear all about what goes on in her head.

Surprisingly, Grace is the mother hen of the group. She rushes to her baby sister's aid if she begins to fuss. She is the one constantly asking to hold Charlotte, and she strokes her hair and tells her how cute she is. Being a big sister once again has brought out a new maturity in her. She is smart, funny, and quite honestly one of my favorite people to be around. Yes, I would say that about any of my children, but gosh darn, I wish I could go back in time and tell myself that when Grace was two and one of the most difficult children I had ever met. :)

Note to past self: Yes, it does get better, and you are going to adore the person this girl becomes!


Evie is the creative genius of the family. If you ever need to find Evelyn, just follow the trail of paper shreds she's left behind from her latest creation. If all of the kitchen drawers are open and dug through, you know Evie was here. She is constantly making things. Her brain is always on. She can tell tall tales and write songs on the fly. I am amazed by the things she comes up with!

Evelyn has always been a relatively easy kid, so it came as kind of a surprise when we started getting reports that she was antsy at school and causing disruptions.'s really not funny, but I totally get it. School wasn't my thing, either. My brain was always on, but not necessarily on the things everyone else's brain was on. :) I've always said that Evelyn was my mini-me, and I have a feeling she's wired the same way even if she doesn't have the words to articulate that yet. She's really smart. Like...really really smart. This world doesn't always know how to handle dreamers and dreamers sometimes have a hard time conforming to the ways of this world. But her mom totally gets it.

My favorite things about Evelyn are her big smile, her sweet friendly spirit, and her creative mind. She is the perfect biggest sister for our family. Some of her favorite things are Shopkins, drawing, and sour punch straws. :)

Four different kiddos...four different personalities...and I wouldn't trade one of them! Our month of March was one of transition. We welcomed our sweet baby girl on the first, and we've been easing into our new life ever since. It was fabulous, and I'm excited for a new month of memories! Charlotte will celebrate her first holiday this month, and I hope we'll get to do lots of spring things! So long March - hello April!


Heather said...

I can't believe how fast they are growing. I feel like just yesterday I was obsessing over your monthly recaps of just 2 little baby girls, sitting in the grass in fairy wings. It does go by too fast!!

Adrien said...

Aw, you're making me want to take a trip down memory lane..and then I'd just get nothing done! Haha. :)

Cassie said...

i love this. your kiddos are awesome, and you are just the sweetest mom ever!!


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