Monday, April 20, 2015

Only my true friends will read this. :)

Eric got in late this week from an unexpected business dinner.

"My steak was overcooked, and it made me miss you."

Thanks? :D

I love him. And I missed him, too. So many late nights...conference and school sort of blew up at the same time for Eric. And if his schedule is crazy, my schedule is crazy by default. A package deal.

For the past week I've been fighting with my computer and silently protesting a new photo program Eric installed. I can't blog without pictures, I just can't. And I've had no pictures. At least not the ones I've wanted. So I'm giving up and going back to what I know for today, because another full week without blogging? Blargh.

Look at this little cutie patootie. I wanna smoosh her and squeeze her and love her all day long.

She's plumping up quite nicely. :)

Charlotte was all dressed and ready on Friday night for the annual Life Network banquet. All of our babies attended the banquet when they were itty bitties. I've been pregnant or had an infant for the event almost every year since 2009, haha. It was another wonderful evening, and we are proud to support such a great local organization!

Life is great and we've just been living it. Truly, I can't think of anything spectacular to tell you about,  but it's all good. Well...Eric might say otherwise. :) He's ready for things to slow down, but we're booked through the middle of May, so...not happening any time soon. He will be gone most of next week for a business trip. My first week alone with all four children. This could be really interesting. 

Remember these kids?

The novelty of a new baby has still not worn off. Evie just named her new doll Charlotte. :)

Now, since Gracie is begging for the computer and I'm just rambling anyway, I'm going to leave you today with....

Five totally random facts:

1. Reagan has fallen off of the couch three times already this morning. What the heck? 

2. Our yard currently looks like a wild jungle. It's shameful. It's also not our fault. The repair shop has been holding our lawn mower hostage since last Monday. We'd like it back, please.

3. We're finally replacing our piece of junk TV stand for this one...

...and it can't come soon enough!
(I really wanted a pretty blue one. Eric put the big foot down. "In two years you're going to look back and say, 'That was so 2015!'" Who cares - I still wanted it, haha.)

4.   Gracie loves you. She wanted me to say that.

5. We got a pet! Not really. Our mama bird returned to the Red Bud tree in our front yard to build a nest.

And that's as close to a pet as our kids are getting any time soon. :D
They really want a dog. 
I need another thing to care for at the moment like I need a hole in my head.

If I hear, "Can I have the computer?" one more time I'm going to lose my junk. Someone in this house is having a severe My Little Pony video withdrawal.  

If you are still here, you are amazing! A true friend. Thanks for putting up with us, haha. Hugs to you!


Heather said...

My Little Pony is the only cartoon worth watching.

Stefanie said...

My girls have recently gone through an elmo phase. I forgot how annoying Elmo is... I'll trade you elmo for my little pony!

Christine Pettijohn said...

You have such a cute little family! Glad to see you could get a post out. I enjoy ready them.

Adrien said...

Hey, girls! Glad you are still reading these things. :D

April Robert said...

I love hearing all the details! I love Charlotte's personalize car seat!


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