Friday, May 22, 2015

Last Days of School!

There are times in my life that are so slow that I feel it's a waste to share what's going on, because I have nothing to talk about. Then there are times that are so FULL and I have so much I want to share, but I can't seem to find the time because we're too busy doing all of the things.

We would be in the latter phase at the moment. Our life is nuts! I'm not even "allowed" to share it all at the moment. Boo - so annoying!  Just nuts.

So I'm hopping on today as quick as I can to share our last couple of days, the good stuff that I'm allowed to, haha.

Yesterday was Evelyn's second to last day of school, and her class did a poetry reading that the parents were invited to. Walking down the halls of RBES in the morning is a sweet thing. Hearing all of the teachers and students in their classrooms...Eric and I couldn't help but smile at each other. It was so cute and almost comforting, and since we both went to school here, it always brings back so many memories. :)

The poem that the kids recited was ADORABLE.

Evelyn and her partner were first. "K is for Kindergarten, hip hip hooray!"

That was it. Haha.

Evie had everyone else's lines memorized, too. :)

Afterwards they sang a "goodbye" song, and it was just oozing cuteness, I tell you, oozing it. What a great way to start off the day! All smiles.

Once we got home there was another little girl who was chomping at the bit to go to school. It was Grace's very last day (of her first year) of pre-k. Mrs. Ware, her teacher, arranged for them to have a beach themed day, and I'm pretty sure all of the kiddos were over-the-moon excited about it. I know my kid was!

Grace thought they were going to the real beach at first. She was adamant about it. 

Me: No Gracie, I think your teacher means you are just having a pretend day at the beach.
Grace: No, we're really going there. 
Me: I just don't want you to be disappointed - 
Grace: No mom! We are going to the ocean!
Me: How are you going to get to and from the ocean in one day?
Grace: Busses are faster than cars.

Haha. We did eventually set the record straight and temper her expectations. But I hear she wasn't the only child who was confused. ;)

So much growing those kids do in a year!! I think she's a whole brick taller. :)

I know she ended up having a great day! Now it's summer vacation for her! Whew one down...

That wouldn't be the end of the excitement for us yesterday though. Someone very special to us had just flown in yesterday morning for a visit home. My sister Shannon is here!! It's been exactly one year since we've seen her. (Can you believe that? I can't!) That means that she got to meet Charlotte for the very first time.

Unfortunately baby girl was fussy for her mom by the time I took any pictures, haha.

We are so excited to have Shannon home for two whole weeks. We have lots of plans! Let's see if the weather lets us do any of them. (Rain rain, go away!)

Fast-forward to this morning. Today is Evelyn's last of Kindergarten. (Sniff sniff) I can't believe I will soon have a first grader. We have been back and forth on what to do with Evie next year. As I alluded to last week, I would really love to homeschool her next year. Like, I really really want to do that. I think it would be not only good for her but also for our whole family. However. I had a meeting with her teacher earlier this week, and she put my mind at ease about a few things. Evie's teacher thinks she will thrive in first grade next year at the public school. Going into that meeting I was 95% sure we were homeschooling. Now I'm back at 50/50. :) I really can't decide!

If you ask Evelyn she says, "I want to stay home with you, mom!" Oy. It's so hard making the grown up decisions and really weighing what is the absolute BEST choice for your kid. I don't want my own selfish desires of having a free and flexible schedule get in the way of what will really be the best thing for Evelyn...socially, emotionally, academically...all of the above. Jury is still out!

Just love her! I hope she is having a great last day, right this very minute. :)
(I only shed a few tears this morning. Just a few silent tears, so Eric wouldn't make fun of me, haha!)

Tonight my brother Justin graduates from high school. We're going to hang out after the ceremony at my parent's house to celebrate, and then tomorrow is his "real" graduation party. We're still on the go go go! Last week I jinxed myself by hoping for a slower week ahead, so today I'm going to say...I hope next week is FULL of fun and excitement! At least have to give it a positive spin, right? 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Only five hours to the OFFICIAL start of summer break for us. Woot!! Good times to come. :)


Heather said...

I love everything about this post!! I hope she enjoys her last day! Can't wait to see what you decide about her future at school.

Adrien said...

I wish I could fast-forward time and see what I decide, too! ;)


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