Monday, May 4, 2015

Last Week's Wrap Up!

It was about 7:00pm on Friday when I looked up at the clock and smiled. Eric should have been in the air at that time, and in just a few more hours he would be home from his business trip. Everyone was more than ready for him to be home. I thought poor Reagan was fit to burst. All I heard from him all week long was "When daddy home? When daddy home?" It was equal parts cute and sad. :)

Not more than a minute later I heard the garage door opening. What in the world? I ran to see what was going on, and there was Eric's car pulling into the garage. "You stinker, did you get an early flight?!"

"Yep," he said with a smile.

Eric had skipped the last speaker at the conference he was at and booked an earlier flight home. No one here was complaining! Those are the best kind of surprises around here. We are simply not whole when he is gone. You know he was really missing us too when he skipped out early on a fun week, haha. Eric had an awesome time meeting and hanging out with business and political leaders all week long at the Laffer Conference. You know, Art Laffer. The Laffer Curve. Ronald Reagan's economic guy. Don't feel bad if you don't know who he is. If I wasn't married to Eric I probably wouldn't know who he is, haha. But let's just say, Eric was a kid in a candy store.

Eric with Dr. Laffer

And some older gentleman...


Senator McCain was just standing behind him when Eric noticed he was there and they ended up having a fifteen minute conversation. Dr. Laffer saw them talking and was so tickled that they got to meet, haha. Eric was able to hear from some excellent speakers and leaders in Washington and ask them questions. He even sat with Steve Forbes at dinner. The Forbes Magazine guy. He was just a little bit excited about that, too. :) ANYWAY. Glad he had a good time! Even more glad he's home.

Here's another family member that had a good time last week!

Grace had a blast on her field trip to Purina Farms on Friday. (Thanks for the pictures, Stephanie!) She was talking a mile-a-minute when she walked through the door that afternoon. It was everything she hoped it would be, and that made me very happy! A big thanks to grandma Joan for taking her. I know it was an exhausting day, but Gracie loved it. :)

I shared last week about Evelyn's fun at the Art show, but I totally forgot to share her Kids for Christ parent night!

Kids for Christ is an after school bible study similar to a vacation bible school. Every Thursday in April Evie stayed after school and had fun learning bible stories, making crafts, singing songs, having snacks, and more! This is an on-going ministry, and I know they are planning more sessions for the next school year. It's usually always on Thursday afternoons. Evelyn had a great time, and I encourage anyone who has kiddos at the public school to sign them up this Fall!

(Kids for Christ is non-denominational and is not school sponsored.)

And in other news....

Miss Charlotte would like to congratulate the royal family for choosing a most beautiful name for the newest heir to the throne. 

We girls were holding our breath that they would choose Charlotte.

Eric will be quite disappointed. Haha. 

It's true, now the name will become even more ridiculously popular. And since there are only two short months separating our princesses (haha) there will be a gaggle of girls all around the same age that share the name. Oh well! Fun! :D

We have a BIG week coming up around here. Eric is wrapping up his last course with a paper and presentation and on Friday he will graduate with his Masters degree! Wahoo!! We are so proud of him and sooo ready to be done with this thing! Another new chapter coming up soon. The end is near and summer break is so close I can taste it. Here's to a good week, all. Cheers!

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