Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

It was one of those weekends that, looking back on it, the beginning of seems like a month ago. I am sitting in my bed with a computer on my lap feeling that wonderful exhaustion that comes with all of the activity only the warm weather months bring us. I can't imagine being someone who lives in the warmth year-round...when do you rest?? :)

We lucked out BIG time with the weather around here. Rain and storms were predicted every single day at one point, and we saw little of it...most of it coming when we would have been inside or sleeping anyway. It turned out to be just about the most perfect few days possible in the good ole Midwest.

On Friday evening Eric, Charlotte, and I made our way to the high school to watch the graduation ceremony for my brother Justin. It was a gorgeous night.

We were standing in the crowd, respectfully listening to all of the speeches just like everyone else, when breaking through the silence came a most loud and awkward, "Flaaaarp."

This little one chose just the right time to fill her britches, making every single person within ear shot turn around to see who was responsible for the offense. Poor Eric. :) Baby girl was completely unaware of the momentary commotion she caused. "What?"

Here is Justin receiving his diploma....

He is a bright kid...ahem, young man...and is one of those types that can do well academically without really trying. That is...when he cares. Haha. Justin isn't 100% sure what he wants to do next. In a couple of weeks he will be traveling to Iowa to check out a trade school there. We shall see! I wish him good luck with whatever he chooses. :)

After the ceremony we picked up the rest of the kids and went to my parent's house for a little post-graduation get together. Reese's ice cream cake, that's all I need ta say, mmkay? The kids were high on ohmygoshwe'reonsummerbreak fumes, and it was a late night for us! The first of several. 

Saturday promised to be another amazing day. We spent a good portion of it at the park for Justin's official graduation party. I'm not going to lie, I had been looking forward to this day for quite a while...fried chicken, mostaccioli, sweet tea and lemonade. You just say when and where, my friend. You'll notice that I rate our weekends based on how well we've eaten throughout. Naturally.

Please note Reagan's tie here.
Reagan now has to wear a tie wherever he goes. He wears one, because his daddy wears one, and he must be just like his daddy.
Collared shirt, t-shirt, doesn't matter. That clip-on is very versatile. 

Why HELLO there, sweet baby.

Twinsies! Elijah and Gabriel. Twins do run in our family, and my cousin Crystal got the luck of the draw. :)

The kids played HARD on this fair and breezy day. Eric had to split early to represent our family at a wedding that evening. I'll tell you what, I'm getting pretty good at juggling four kids on my own if I do say so myself. It helps when they are old enough to run around and entertain themselves. It really was the perfect day for a party in the park! You can see more photos of our weekend on Facebook, and if we're not friends on Facebook...why not? :)

Sunday was full and busy with church all morning and errands in the afternoon...lunch at grandma and grandpa Robert's in between...and one long family walk thrown in for good measure.

Here are a bunch of random pictures from our photo stream, haha.

After our walk we ended this day with a movie night, and the kids may have stayed up waaay past their bedtime. I actually got Eric to watch a (gasp!) romantic comedy. But don't tell anyone. Geez, I love summer nights, and it's not even summer yet!

And then there was Monday, Memorial Day. Once again it had been predicted a rainy day all week but we ended up with more of that perfect weather. Pinch me, we never get this lucky! We hadn't made solid plans because of the forecast, so when I got a message asking if we wanted to go to my parent's house for bbq we did not hesitate on that one. Party on a whim? That's the Feldt way.

When we pulled into my parent's driveway yesterday afternoon there were flags everywhere. Flags on the driveway, a flag on the porch, flags by the front door.... My dad leaned in with a smirk and said, "How do you like our patriotism?" in a very Roger Feldt sort of way. If you know my dad, you know just what I mean. He's a goofball!

There's just something about a charcoal grill. Mmmm. Hot dogs and hamburgers, brats, chicken, pork chops....my parents never barbecue just a little bit. :) 

What more can I say except that it was another gorgeous day in the sunshine! 

We filled ourselves up and played some more!

After spending some time at the playground, we lured the kids back to the house with the promise of dessert with strawberries from grandma's garden.

We capped off the weekend with another evening walk. Because that's just what we do. And we love it. Life this weekend was just about close to small town USA perfection! I never want to leave this place. (Sigh.) With all of the events going on and the fact that my sister is home, it was so nice to have the blessing of blue skies and sunny days. 

Our summer break started on a wonderful note! I hope it is just a small taste of all that is to come. :)


Heather said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling all gooey and mushy after such a perfect weekend! It really was amazing!

Adrien said...

Sooo glad you girls are getting the summer you deserve this year! So much fun ahead!


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