Friday, May 1, 2015

Monthly Wrap Up - April!

If you woke up this morning wondering, "Hmm. I wonder just how long it's been since the Midwest was pelted with that last giant snowstorm." Well, I'll tell you. It was two months ago today. :)

Happy two months, Charlotte! Yes, it's cliche, but it's true - feels like she's been here much longer than that!

I cannot get over how much Charlotte has grown in a month. She has put on the CHUNK let me tell ya. We love our chubby babies around here. :) Makes for the cheesiest cheeky grins. It also poses a few problems. Fat rolls. They are cute. They are also high maintenance. Not since Evelyn have I had to worry about powdering my child's arms and legs so that all of those little creases can breathe, haha. Charlotte has rolls for days.

Even at two months old she remains a very sleepy baby. Charlotte naps quite a bit during the day and sleeps through the night. But she comes by her sleepiness honestly. My mom shared that all of her babies slept through the night early on, and my dad's mom used to say that she would have to wake my dad up, day or night, just to make sure he was getting something to eat. Yep, sounds like my baby!

We have reached the point now where she recognizes mama and prefers me over anyone else. (Yessss!) Haha. I couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that I am her only source of food. I'm sure she just loves me extra. ;) But she also loves her daddy, giving him big smiles and craning her neck to look at him if he's talking anywhere in the room. Her older siblings make her dimples show easily, too. I love that she knows we're her people. She is ours. We are hers. Forever and ever!


Reagan spends most of his time these days being a typical two year old rascal. He is still a mama's boy, but only on his terms. He has to be in the mood to be mama'd. And when he's in that mood, I better be available or I will hear about it. :) (And I am no longer allowed to call him my baby, sniff sniff. It is met with a loud resounding, "Nooo!!") Charlotte is the baby. He is NOT the baby.

Reagan is officially into the attachment stage of childhood, where he picks a certain object or movie or whatever and HAS to have it all ALL times. He's a fickle child though, and what he's attached to changes weekly. Last month it was the Cars movies. Then it moved to "Buzz and Woody!" Since Easter he has been carrying around a backpack full of quarters which he got in his Easter eggs. He loves his money, and has to have it with him wherever he goes. He has no concept of what money is, he just likes playing with the coins, haha. Currently there is a pair of sunglasses that he has to have inside or outside, day or night. He won't let those things out of his sight. I never know what he'll leach onto next!

Reagan holds a difficult spot in our family. He's sort of like the middle child, even though he's not the only middle. Grace and Evie get to go and do a lot more than he does, and he desperately wants to go off with them. To school, out with grandma, or wherever. He wants to keep up with the big kids. At the same time, when given the choice to stay at grandma and grandpa's or come with mom and dad places, he usually picks dear old mom and dad. You can see the struggle in his little face as he decides. He cries to go and then he cries to stay. He just doesn't know what to do with himself. :) I'm treasuring these days, because before we know it, we won't even be a contest.


I sent Gracie off on her very first field trip this morning, and I didn't even shed a tear. I am VERY proud of myself for this one. Grace was so excited for today! I know she is going to have so much fun with her grandma and friends, and I hope they are able to get a couple of pictures!

Gracie has a new claim to fame this month, and it's totally gross. She possesses the disgusting ability to reverse-spit, if you know what I mean. Like...she waits to see how long she can get it, and then...shiver...I can't even say it. She is quite proud. But I get to find little puddles all around the house from where she has been practicing her talent. Boy moms, believe me, you are not alone on the gross stuff, haha.

Grace is my little tag-a-long. She has been extra lovey lately. She wants to see what I'm doing, cuddle, sleep right next to me (which she has totally been getting away with this week!) I am not complaining. She's doing great in school and soaks in everything like a little sponge. If you have any questions about the water cycle, Gracie is your girl. There really isn't much to report on her except to say that she's doing great and growing up fast!


(Showing her clown picture - top left)

Oh, Evelyn. My tender heart. This girl has caused her mama quite a few tears this week. It's a very long story, but Evie is having a hard time at school. And not academically. The other night we were laying and bed and she said, "Sometimes I cry at night before bed because I miss my friends in pre-k. I don't have any friends in kindergarten."


Straight to my heart. Evelyn is and always has been very young for her age, socially and emotionally. She is very friendly and sweet, but young. And I don't think she really fits in with the other kids in her class. Frankly, I don't think they are very nice to her. We struggled with the decision to send her to kindergarten this year given her age. And I fear we made the wrong choice. She plays alone a lot, and it's not been the easiest of times. She doesn't love school like she used to. I can't really put my finger on when or why it happened, but something is just not right. We are trying to work through it and figure out how to fix it.

So I was very glad to get some alone time with her last night at the school's art show. Evie was thrilled that it was just me and her. She couldn't stop talking about how excited she was to be with me on our walk to the school. I love that girl!

Evelyn's favorite thing in the whole world is art. She was in her element, so happy the entire time we were there. I was just as happy to be with her and to see her smiling. I so hope things get better for her. I pray that God sends her a true friend.

April was great with the opportunity to get out and enjoy the sunshine more. We celebrated Easter and got to see some family. I cannot believe that it's May! Summer break is just around the corner, and we cannot wait! I'm so ready to get out and get moving. Think I might work on our summer bucket list soon. ;) Eric comes back tonight after we're all in bed. We've just about made it - woohoo!

Have a great day!


Heather said...

They all look so grown up in this post! Poor Evelyn. It's so hard to make friends sometimes. But good for her for not just finding a crowd and settling. She's waiting for her BEST friend :)

Adrien said...

Yes, much too big! I really hope there's a true best friend out there for her. :)


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