Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

Whew! I mean. You get it, moms, I know. If you are a mother who got to relax this Mother's Day weekend, good for you! But from what I can tell the majority of us were going nonstop, haha. I shared my weekend with Mr. Robert. He took the first half, I took the second, and we nearly collapsed somewhere in the middle.

First up was Eric's day on Friday. It was a great day! A nutso day, but a great one. After spending a morning getting everyone ready, dodging rain like bullets to get my pre-k kid to school, and then consequently getting myself ready all over again, we finally made it to Eric's robing ceremony for the graduate level students at the SIUE School of Business.

Lots of lovely, encouraging words were spoken here, and the deans placed special robes over the graduates to be worn in the ceremony that evening. 

It was really great to see Eric get a chance to chat with some of his classmates, and there was a lot of yummy food and drinks at the reception here. I thought it was such a nice gesture for the school to host this event for the graduate students and their families. I'm not sure if all of the different schools at SIUE do this, but they totally should!

"Ready for that big talk?!" Eric was asked in passing that afternoon.

He had kind of kept it on the down-low that he had been selected as the commencement speaker for graduation, in hopes to surprise some of his family members. :) That's why I didn't mention it in the blog post last Friday. But I definitely think the comments from professors, all of the reserved seats and tables, and the fact that he was whisked away to meet with the chancellor that afternoon kind of gave it away early, haha.

Because he would be speaking that evening, Eric didn't get to sit with the rest of the graduates. He took his spot on the stage instead.

Thank goodness for those reserved seats - even Charlotte's name was on one, haha. I was very thankful to be close enough for decent pictures. (And hallelujah for not having to show up two hours early for a decent spot!)

His words were very thoughtful and inspiring, if I do say so myself. :) Certainly the favored portion of his speech came when he acknowledged his grandma and her contributions to the lives of over 1,000 students that she taught over the years. There were tears shed, let me tell you. Not a dry eye in our row! It also happened to be her birthday that day, which made it all the more special. He did a great job, and as always, I am super proud of him!

Neither of us have really truly grasped just what it means now that he is done. It hits us in waves when we realize it. No more school! But in true Eric fashion, he's already lined up his next goals - earning his CFP certification and memorizing the first nine chapters in the book of Romans. Haha. All in a day's work.

We had our normal date night on Saturday...with two kids in tow. I pretty much call anything that gets me out of the house a date. :) We got a little bit excited when we saw construction signs for a NEW Aldi being built in South County. Haha. This is huge in our lives. We love our current Aldi, can't imagine what they are doing with the new one. Woot! Bargain shoppers unite!

And then there was Sunday...Mother's Day!

We tried really hard to get one decent picture of me with my children. But one of the children did not want to be associated with us.

I finally wrestled him onto my lap, but it was still a wash.

Out of like 50 pictures, these were among the best ones, haha.

After a morning of church we spent the day with our families, eating really good food and letting the kids run themselves silly. The men did the cooking and the kid serving all day, which was sweet and a little bit hilarious. :) It was very nice to be able to sit and eat with two hands, I must say!

There are days that I still can't believe all of these kiddos are mine. We are still asked if Evie and Grace are twins all of the time. :) They get closer and closer in size every day.

They love going for rides on Grandpa Greg's quadricycle. 

And Charlotte spent most of the afternoon snoozing away. That's my girl!

Reagan was a bottomless pit all day long, eating a ton of food at great grandma's and then double-forking it at my parent's house. :)

It turned out to be a great day. The weather was really nice...until it wasn't. We were at my parent's house when the storms rolled in. We were sitting outside while the boys played basketball, when the sky got ominously dark. Eric opened up an app on his phone that would tell us precisely when we would be hit with the bad weather - totally Back to the Future 2 style. It was CRAZY how precise it was. "Five more minutes...three minute..." and then BOOM! The wind whipped up right on queue like a hurricane, splitting a neighbor's tree in two with an eery craaack. We ran for cover and watched the rain pour down in sheets. The kids ran to the basement, haha. Nice way to end the weekend, with a little bit of drama. :)

We thought this week would be the calm after the storm, but some things came up unexpectedly and now it's another busy busy week ahead! Maybe next week? I'll just keep on dreaming. At least we're not bored.

So love to you, my friends! Hope you mamas had a great weekend. By the looks of my Facebook feed it appears that so many of you did. :) We sure did - it was one that we'll never forget!

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Happy Mother's Day to an amazing momma!!!


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