Monday, May 18, 2015

Strawberry Festival Weekend

Well, thank goodness last week is over, that's all I'm going to say. Nutso! I think Eric must have slept on a cot a work or something. Dear Stifel, I would love to have my husband back this week, please and thank you.

Friday night was a total wash. Eric was at the office until 8:00pm and didn't walk in the door until after 9:00. If you are friends of both of us on Facebook, you might have seen this little gem....

The kids were in true form for me on Friday, haha. I was in the kitchen making dinner (a dinner I had no idea Eric wouldn't be home to eat!) when Gracie came in saying, "Uh mom...I think you want to see what Reagan is doing in the living room." I walked in there and had no words. None. This is not the first time the stinker has cracked a dozen eggs on the floor, but it is the first time he cracked them on CARPET. I spent the next half hour on my hands and knees collecting slime and scrubbing bright yellow yolk stains out of the rug. I might have chucked the egg carton at my child when I was done, I don't know...memory is foggy there. :)

Saturday was Charlotte's two month check up and the lovely vaccinations that come along with it. (Thank you God for those vaccinations! No meningitis for our kid, please!) But she handled it like a champ. One of the vaccines was oral and she drank it down so well that the nurses praised our pretty one and said she was literally the best baby they had ever had to take the vaccine. She always takes medicine wonderfully from me, so I hope she stays that way, haha! She is healthy and growing so I'd say her check up was a success.

By Saturday evening Eric and I were so wiped that we could not even bring ourselves to go out for our normal date night. Instead we treated ourselves to Mary's hot wings and watched a movie. That was date night enough for me - loved it! Much needed.

On Sunday we enjoyed the annual Strawberry Festival and gorged ourselves on some delicious fried chicken. The kids always look forward to this "festibal." The weather turned out to be great that afternoon!

The kids were excited because they found Charlotte's name in a desk in the old schoolhouse. :) Grace is convinced that this is where Charlotte will attend school when she grows up, haha.

Eric and I still needed to do our grocery shopping so we headed out for an afternoon of errands. Eric earned some brownie points when he let me pick up this patio set on a whim, haha....

We haven't put it together yet, but we peeked in the box and the quality seems amazing! The cushions are really vibrant and cushy. We took a chance on this Aldi special. That's right...Aldi. $200. RUN and get yourself one of these. The outdoor rug came from Aldi, too. Love love love. I can't wait to finally make good use out of our back patio this summer.

We wrapped up the weekend by taking a nice family walk in the warm Spring evening. Thanks to Eric's Back to the Future weather app we saw that a light rain was heading our way in the last five minutes or so, so we turned around and finished our walk in a little drizzle that actually felt welcome and refreshing. (Everyone needs that weather app, it's amazing! I'll have to ask Eric what it's called.)

Last night was the season finale of Mad Men. Sigh. What a great show. I'm not big on spoilers, so I'll just say that we were both satisfied and dissatisfied with the ending. Haha. It was appropriate. Really really sad that it's over!

Overall it turned out to be a good weekend. And now we are at the kids' very last week of school before summer vacation. Can I tell you how much this night owl is looking forward to the end of the rush of the morning routine? Hallelujah! My sister is coming home for a visit this week - woot! And my brother graduates on Friday. It's going to be a good one! Let's do this thing!!

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Stefanie said...

Eggs in carpet!?! Heavens i would have lost it probably sobbing as I scrubbed.
That is an adorable patio set! I need to paint ours- old wicker on the porch and rusty metal out back. I'm a healthy mix of lazy and denial that those projects need done...


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