Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Evelyn's 6th Birthday Party!

The idea for Evie's Ice Cream birthday this year came from sort of an unusual source. We were trying to think of just the right theme for our happy six year old, and we found our inspiration one day in the closet. We took one look at one of our favorite summer dresses and that became the theme for the day! It's from a line called "Ice Cream Sweetie," and the colors are so bright and fun! We tried to get a picture of all of the girlies wearing their dresses, but Miss Charlotte was a flailing fool, haha. So as usual, you get to see the back of her head. :)

She ended up sleeping through practically the WHOLE party... which worked out just fine for me! 

Almost everything I made for the party was taken from the colors on those dresses - pink, blue, and green. Most importantly, Evelyn loved it! I made just a few things, bought some stuff, hung up some streamers, and bada bing bada boom...party central.

The cake for Evelyn's day was ice cream cone cupcakes, because of course! Just don't look too closely at the cones. I am not a professional icing piper, and some of them fell over and got smashed. :D 

Evelyn wanted to make some of her own decorations for the party this year. I think she did a swell job!

The idea for this party was that we would do the typical party things but have the kids mostly outside splashing in the water. I was saying my prayers that the weather would hold out for us. Just a couple of hours before we had a torrential downpour, but then the sun came out for a little while! I had a lot of decorations planned for the outside, but since the weather was iffy I just hung up some giant ice cream cones and called it a day.

Eric and I looked at each other and thought, hey we might just luck out and have a beautiful day, after all! We didn't, but...it all worked out. Haha!

As we have done for the past few parties, we ordered pizzas and took all of the pressure off of preparing a ton of food. I love it! We toyed with idea of doing other things this time, but at the end of the day, you can't beat the ease of pizza. Especially for a kid's party.

And because it wasn't raining at the time, the kiddos who were already here decided that they needed to go out ASAP and get in as much pool time as possible.  Well, all except for this guy. We couldn't coax him in....

They splashed around for a few minutes before the rains came once again. More party guests arrived and everyone ran in the house to escape the torrents outside! Let me tell ya...our children were super hyper this day! We had kids running all over this place. Evelyn looked like she was having a blast, so it was all good with me. :)

It was decided that this would be the perfect time to sing Happy Birthday and let Evelyn open her gifts. The weather actually didn't deter much at all!

 Eric was our ice cream man. :)

Before Evelyn's party she told Eric and me, "I can't wait to read all of the cards and hear the sweet messages everyone will write to me." So I made sure to write an extra sweet message in our birthday card to her. You can see how she felt about that. :)

Our big-hearted baby!

The rains subsided and we were able to spend the rest of the afternoon outside, watching the kids play and have fun as we always intended. So while we didn't get away with no rain at all, it was simply no big deal. We worked around it and I gotta say...I'm pretty proud of myself with how far I've come on these birthday parties, haha. Go with flow, I say. A far cry from six years ago when hosting these things gave me an ulcer. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...small is good! 

Evelyn has been asking for the past couple of days when it gets to be her birthday again. :) Sorry sister, it's a long wait ahead! I definitely think she had a good time. I know I did! And probably one of the best parts is that at the end of the day our house wasn't completely destroyed, haha. I can't say that for all of our parties. Usually I'm cleaning up the aftermath for days.

(But if you come over, you WILL still see some decorations hanging up. It's just how I roll.) I'm a slow taker-downer.

I'm still riding high on birthday fumes, but soon I will be sitting in a dentist's chair getting a tooth pulled. Yay me. :) So I gotta skiddadle. Thank you all for checking out Evelyn's simple and fun Ice Cream birthday!!

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Heather said...

What a fun party! I'm definitely taking tips from you on the next one I plan.


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