Monday, June 29, 2015

Fireman's Picnic Weekend

We had an unexpected dentist trip this, this is better late than never! A little wrap up of one of our favorite times of the year. :)

Friday was one of the most horriblest days of my life.

Yes, I know that is not a word. It is how I feel. It was the most horrible day of the horrible days.

One of those days where nothing was going right. No matter how hard I tried to turn it around. Big things and little things. Worse and worse and worse...I don't even want to talk about it. Terrible!

And just when it couldn't get any more terrible, Eric found out he had to leave again this weekend, missing out on part of one of the best weekends of our summer. It was just too much to handle.

We capped it off by skipping out on the Fireman's Picnic (no way...not with our luck!) and getting groceries on Friday night with all of the kids in tow. And that's when it happened....

Right in the picture frame aisle of Walmart.

Grace hit her foot and mumbled something, to which Evelyn responded, LOUD and clear "Gracie said F&%#in!"


I looked at Eric. He went ghost white. I am 12, so I immediately try to not laugh in shock while my much more mature husband looks on in horror.



"We do NOT use that word. I never want to hear my beautiful daughter say words like that. Grace, where did you hear that?"

Gracie shrugged. "One of my friends."

You have to understand. My day had been so...incredibly...terrible, that everything at that point was just unreal to me and so so funny. I couldn't stop snorting, which I know was causing a great internal conflict within my husband who was trying to process what just happened with his sweet first babies.

Pretty sure Eric Robert's girls are going to be placed in a giant bubble now. I have no idea who this "friend" is. just about gave my husband a heart attack, friend. :)

We vowed to make the next day better, and it was. (Thank goodness!) The kids and I were able to spend some of our afternoon celebrating a cute one year old's first birthday - Happy Birthday, Elijah! It was an adorable ocean/beach themed party. Loved it!

Then we were FINALLY able to do something as a whole family. Fireman's Picnic, here we come! I blog about this every single year, and it hasn't changed much! Well....

...all except for the fact that the rides seemed even more obnoxiously squeaky than normal, haha. I think this particular ride company may have passed it's prime! 

You can see Evelyn here holding her ears. :D

It just so happened that our terrible luck struck again, and that morning Eric threw his back out during his workout. He was SORE, and he couldn't get our kids on and off of the rides. Good thing Grandpa Greg was there to help out!

They rode and rode and rode...and then we moved on to Evelyn's 

The kiddos got their jump on....

And we rocked it out before heading to dinner....

We had a really delicious dinner, and I think we ordered almost everything on the menu between all of us. :) Those firemen know how to cook, and they certainly aren't skimpy on the portions, either. So. Much. Food.

We divided it all up and had leftovers!

The weather was so perfect, and I was just thankful to get out with the family. We haven't had a ton of opportunities this summer, so we definitely try to make the most of it when we do! Eric was such a trooper with his bum back, haha. I was soaking in every moment knowing that, once again, he would be boarding a plane the next day. Thankfully, it was a very short trip this time. We'll see him again tonight!

We lured the kids a little closer to our cars by taking them on one last "attraction" for the evening...the giant slide. None of my kids had ever done this before. I wasn't sure what they would think of it, and we had a sort of Disney World experience on this one. The child I thought would be scared loved it. The one I expected to love it, was totally freaked out. :D

They made it all the way to the top with their friend, Ashleigh. :)

And then...well...just watch Grace's face. Ahahaha....

She looked as if she had been accosted at the end. :D

I can't was so funny. She turned around and wanted to do it again! (And then chickened out and daddy had to go rescue her...bad back and all!)

Hehe, still freaked out!

Reagan LOVED it and went down with his Papa several times.

As for Miss Charlotte...she spent a good portion of the evening like this:

Just sleeping that little life away! She does peek her eyes out every once in a while...just to see what all of the commotion is about. :)

The next day was the parade. We said goodbye to Eric and planned to enjoy the day without him. I was sad, not gonna lie. I don't think either of us have missed it since we've been married, and it's definitely something that all of the kids look forward to all year long. Wish he could have been there! But we were surrounded by friends and family, and the kids had a great time as usual.

Grace is my waver. She could wave and wave until her arms fall off. That might also have something to do with the fact that she is my sweet tooth child who would do just about anything for MORE candy!!

 It's always amazing to me how many people squeeze into our tiny town for this parade! Here was a glimpse of our view on the parade route...

It's typically 8-10 rows deep where we sit!

Charlotte did eventually wake up and have a chat with Aunt Jamie. :)

Such a sweetie pie!

We had dinner at my parent's house after this, and boy are we pooped today! When Eric messaged me last night and said, "I just got a message that the girls have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning," I just about fainted. I wanted to slow down! Haha. I haven't a clue why we didn't get the usual reminder email a week in advance, but oh well! Took all four kids to the dentist and the girls made it back just in time for swimming lessons! Go go go....

So now, here we are! We sacrificed time with Eric this weekend, but we should have him home as usual the rest of this week, so I'll take it. Everything about our life is just a little bit crazy right now, but I wonder...if it slows down...will we just be bored??

Naaaah!! ;)

Happy week!


Cassie said...


I just want to come over and give you a break. Seriously, CALL if you need anything.

Stefanie said...

Oh my heavens....the moments you can't decide to laugh or cry! a good long family weekend...praying that's what you'll get to have this coming holiday weekend! And girl, you need a legit date night! Someone needs to deliver you some dq and take your kids away for a couple hours! You are super mom!


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