Friday, June 12, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday, Evelyn!

Today is Evelyn's birthday! Happy Birthday, baby girl!! Six years old. This day six years ago was incredibly exhausting. I had been kept up all night long during a very long induction, only to have a very dramatic experience the next day leading up to her arrival. She was worth it all! She has been a light in our lives from day one - a happy, spunky, wonderful part of our family. We have made A LOT of memories over the past six years. Today we're looking back over six years worth of birthdays. Most of these were documented right here on the ole blog right after they happened, and if you've been following along for a while, maybe some of these pictures will be familiar to you. A walk down memory lane!

We celebrated Evelyn's first birthday at "Evie's Sweet Shoppe." We had just moved into this place then, and we were still unpacking boxes in the midst of this party. It was a whirlwind of a time! But it sure was a sweet one. ;)

My favorite part of this day was singing "Happy Birthday" to her. She loved it - ate up every minute of it. Evelyn has never been shy and LOVES being the center of attention. :)

Evelyn's second birthday was oceans of fun at "Evelyn's Lagoon." We transformed the house into an underwater world.

Evelyn had fun blowing bubbles and squishing the "jellyfish" that took over her baby pool.
And she still loved that song....

For birthday number three we went "Over the Rainbow." It was so colorful, and so much fun!

This was the first of our smaller scale parties, and it was great! The kids enjoyed lots of rainbow treats and a pinata filled with goodies.

Looks like I may have been pregnant with Reagan for this one! In fact, I think this was the party that we discovered our baby was a boy. :) Gee, thank goodness for this blog, my memory is going, haha.

Evelyn's fourth birthday was "Evelyn's Butterfly Garden." It was the first (and possibly last!) party that we would have outside. Hot hot hot! The flowers covering up those big blue pieces of tape had melted off by the time we took this picture!

We had planned several activities for this day, including face painting and a photo booth.

Evie had a great time!

We learned our lesson from the year before and took the polar plunge for Evelyn's fifth birthday with a "Frozen" themed party. 

She looks like such a big girl here compared to party's past. But some things never change....

...still soaking up every minute of the attention! these memories.

I could just spend all day today looking through old photos, but I can't. Eric took the day off, as per tradition, and we're letting the birthday girl call the shots. Sounds like we're going to end up at the Magic House today. :) We NEED this day. I'm so thankful that we have it! I'm so thankful for this girl!

The rest of my weekend will consist of getting the house ready for yet another fun family birthday party. This year, the theme is "Ice Cream for Evelyn!" A colorful, ice cream themed birthday. Should be fun. I hope so. I hope I can get everything done in time, haha. I hope Evie has a great day today. I love her so much!!


Sara Simpson said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Adrien said...

Thanks, Sara! :)


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