Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Monthly Wrap Up - May!

I really can't believe we've reached the point where I'm already tucking away outgrown clothes. Our baby has moved up two diaper sizes. I catch glimpses of her in the mirror, and I can't believe how big she looks. Charlotte is now three months old....

The only way to keep her happy on her belly these days - when she's asleep!

Oh, this baby girl! Oh, how she has stolen the heart of our family. Her smile...those dimples...her coos. Not since Evelyn have I had a baby that has talked this much to us, telling us how "good" (ah goo) she is and drawing out a long and dramatic ah-ah-ah-ah-ah when she really has something to say. I see the light in her eyes - she wants us to know all about it. I cannot even tell you how much that excites me for her potential future. Evelyn kept us endlessly entertained as an early talker, and I miss having a funny toddler like that around. :) But...I think I'm getting ahead of myself.

Charlotte is still happy and easy going, still sleeping like a champ day and night (and believe me, I'm waiting for the day my luck runs out on this one!) and still a healthy little girl. Goodness gracious did we ever luck out with her. She is nothing but a blessing to us, and I make sure to tell her so every single day. Grace remains Charlotte's most enthusiastic "babysitter" and those two just get a kick out of each other. Grace proudly introduces her everywhere we go as "our baby Chawlotte Wose." :)

For the first time in the history of our family we actually never did end up calling her by a shortened name or nickname. In fact, she has the longest name of all. It might as well be hyphenated, because we call her by her full name more than half of the time. She is our little Charlotte Rose. Beautiful in every way.

With the start of summer vacation we've already taken on a new dynamic around here, and I can especially see a change in our son. What a STINK. He's super cute, but he derives his pleasure from terrorizing his big sisters. Knocking down their toys, jumping on them for a good wrestle session. You can see it in his mischievous little grin. He is up to no good, and he knows it. :D This kid is ALL boy! He still has his little habits and favorites, and he has moved on to Mickey Mouse this month. He loves that mouse. I'm pretty sure he has very little memory of our Disney trip, because he sees our pictures and videos and acts shocked and surprised to see himself in them every time. :)

Gracie is still growing up right before my eyes, but with that comes a whole new level of attitude. :) She knows what she knows, and what she knows you better know, too. "This is what's going to happen...." That's a common starting phrase for her. And if you don't agree with her idea, you are a "Liar!" I'm not sure that she really understands what a liar is, because so long as you are doing something she doesn't think is right you are "lying," haha. It's so hard not to laugh at the tiny tyrant within her. She is taking that strong will of hers and trying to assert it in all new ways. Unfortunately for her, we have her number...but it's pretty entertaining watching this whole thing play out. She is feisty, but ooooh so sweet, too!

I am happy to announce that Evelyn is back to her old self again - bubbly and cheerful. Not only do I think this is because school is out, but the whole last week of school (after I had a meeting with her teacher) seemed to be good for her. She was suddenly talking about friends again and she got a bit of her spark back. Now she is totally goofy and loud and full of laughs - just like we know her to be! At this point in time we are leaning towards putting her in school next year. There are so many selfish reasons why I don't want to do this, but...with the right teacher I think she will do just fine. I just continue to pray for a good friend for her in her class! I think that would make a world of difference for our oldest one. :)

The month of May was a little trying for our family. I may be able to share soon a small part of why that has been. But let's just say, I've been on my own a lot, through no one's fault, that's just the way life is sometimes. We ALL miss our normal schedule and we can't wait for things to settle down. Eric is away even as I type. We're totally excited at the prospect of having our family consistently together again! But we still had some really great moments. Eric graduated - woot! The kids wrapped up the school year, we celebrated Mother's Day, my sister came home for a visit, and we made plenty of memories.

We have a big month coming up. Both Eric and Evelyn will be celebrating their birthdays in June. If Eric can sneak away from work we hope to get some day trips in. Parades and picnics, funnel cakes and fire trucks...June is always a great one - possibly my favorite month of summer! Hope you'll stick around with us for the fun. :)


Heather said...

Wow, they all look like they have grown SO much in these pictures!!

Adrien said...

It isn't fair! :)


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