Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fourth of July Weekend!

Eric decided he wasn't busy enough, so he took on a fourth job!

I'm kidding of course, I'd shoot him in the kneecaps! :D 

We had a wonderful day last Friday...he was home all day long and we got to spend the afternoon together, just shopping and doing things like normal people. Glorious! So much better than the normal rush around thing we call "date night." When we stopped in to exchange some shirts at Joseph A. Banks, they just let Eric behind the counter to do his thing, haha. We were back in time that evening to get the whole family together for a walk. I wish he had every Friday off. (I mean, who wouldn't wish that?)

Eric always works on Saturday. I can count on one hand the times he's missed, and one of them was our wedding day. So despite the fact that it was the 4th of July he trekked to the radio station and then came home to us later in the afternoon. We had plans for a bbq at my parent's house - of course! Can you guess which plate was my husband's?

The meaty man plate. Haha.

We also happened to be celebrating my brother Justin's 18th birthday. (EIGHTEEN??) His birthday is on July 3, so he pretty much always shares it with the holiday. Neither of my brother's are big on regular cake...not sure what is wrong in their heads...so when my mom saw a recipe for a homemade ice cream cake on Facebook, she just HAD to try it. When my mom gets an idea in her head - watch out! She will jump through lots of hoops to make it happen...and she sure did. :)

The recipe called for a marshmallow topping and for this s'mores cake to be put in the broiler briefly to toast the marshmallows. Ice cream in the broiler? We were all curious to see how this was going to turn out!

Everything seemed to be okay as we were singing Happy Birthday....

And then it was the moment of truth.

 It worked!

It was a good cake! RICH, but good. :)

We hijacked the birthday boy for a little bit to come and try to get a family photo of us. We have very few of these with the WHOLE family all at once. This used to be my sister Shannon's job, haha. But Justin did just swell with the camera! Thanks, bud. 

Evie's always blowing kisses at the camera!

Eric was set to fly out the next morning, and he had some work to do before he left. So we took the two little ones and had a nice and relaxing (quiet!) evening at home. Reagan and Charlotte were OUT much sooner than usual. The girls went with my parent's to my aunt Merry's house where they have several ponds and, from what I hear, a ton of fireworks! Evie and Grace roasted marshmallows and watched things explode until well past their bedtime. They were happy kids when they walked in the door that evening. Gracie was dressed and ready to go for the day at 8:00am...my holiday obsessed kid...so I am so glad she and her big sister got to enjoy the festivities! If I had pictures I'd show you...but...I wasn't there. :)

Our weekend was cut short thanks to Eric leaving us on Sunday morning. I'm really over the Sunday flights, let me tell ya! He's gone for four full days this week, which doesn't sound like a lot, but it feels like forever. Neither of us could believe that yesterday was "only" Monday. Blah! Haha. Thank goodness for the day we had on Friday. That definitely helped!

The girls are getting ready for a peach and blackberry adventure with their grandma at Eckert's this afternoon, and I'm just here holding down the fort! I think the most exciting thing on my agenda this week is getting my driver's license renewed. (Woo. Hoo.) I know that is some riveting stuff! I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!!


April Robert said...

That is definitely an impressive cake!

I love hearing the updates on Getting There. Thank you for documenting their lives.

Christine Pettijohn said...

That cake looks so good!! Looks like fun.


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