Thursday, July 2, 2015

Monthly Wrap Up - June!

Happy Four Months, Charlotte! Yesterday. :)

I would be lying if I said everything was all sunshine and daises today. This little one kept me up all.night.long. It's not something that happens often, but when it kind of sucks. She sure is cute, though!!

Charlotte grew by leaps and bounds this month, going from not only a baby who could flip from front to back, but a baby who can roll just about anywhere she wants to go. This of course causes some complications, as many parents know... our roly poly fell off the bed this month. This is how Charlotte felt about that:

I know I know,  my child. I had no idea you possessed the ability to go from the middle to the edge of a king sized bed in .02 seconds! 

It's a sick feeling when you hear that thud, and you just know before you even hear a cry. Blaaaah. She's not the first. 

But with that newfound strength and mobility, our baby has also mastered the art of crazy head control, and soon and very soon I will finally have a hip sitting baby. Oh, how much easier life will be when I can just sling a baby on my hip! 

No one cranes this child's neck more than her daddy. When he comes home and she hears his voice...that's it. Only eyes for him. Eric possess this special touch that can calm her and put her to sleep sometimes even when I can't. Something tells me we have a daddy's girl on our hands!

She also LOVES all the attention she gets from her big sisters and watches intently as the older three run around the house. I think she's ahead of the game, because she knows she has to be to keep up! 

Evelyn insisted on being in this picture...

And speaking of my oldest child...this girl makes me laugh. She thinks about things that I'm not sure most six year olds think about. "Will Charlotte be a home mom, or a working mom?" she asked me this morning.

"Uh, I guess that is up to Charlotte!"

"Hmm. Well. If I decide to be a working mom, will you babysit my kids?"

Haha. What in the world? Of course that hit me with the stark realization that I will likely, never, find myself without kids to take care of. :) 

Evelyn brings up conversations like this all of the time. In fact, just a couple of hours ago we were discussing how people take out a loan to buy a house. I just...don't even know. She's a curious kid!

Evelyn's favorite things right now are: being with my sister, having a fun time, and playing on the playground!

Grace always cracks me up when she comes walking out in John's superhero clothes. Clearly, we need to buy more superhero dress up! (After Halloween sales, so says my mom.)

This one amazes me by how much she knows and how quickly she picks up on things. Evelyn got a new Guess Who game for her birthday, and I thought for sure Grace would just get confused about how to play and not understand which characters to flip down...but she caught on right away. I didn't even have to show either of the girls how to play. I explained the rules, and they were off to the races. Definitely a new chapter for us!

Grace was never the kid that talked a lot...and maybe I've alluded to this before, but now we cannot keep her quiet! She jabber jabber jabbers on about all kinds of things. At one point we had taken her to a speech therapist thinking is this child ever going to speak?? Wish we could have peeked into the future just then!

Gracie says: I want to be a rock star and go to a rock star show. I want to be the one with the guitar. (This may be why she keeps asking me if I will order her some rock star clothes, haha.)

And then there's Mr. Reagan:

Reagan is getting to the age where he really wants to keep up with the girls and get in on some of their imaginative play. Unfortunately, my kids are typical siblings and spend most of their time running away from their little brother. I mean...he does break things. He's a brother. :) But still! It makes it that much cuter when they WANT him to play with them, and then he tries to act cool about it. "Oh, awwight," he says. Love him!

Reagan is another child that doesn't say a whole lot. Perhaps I'd be worried if we hadn't already been there, done that! But I know he's super smart just like his sisters. He can already maneuver electronics better than me, and he answers all of the questions right on any game. He knows how to get what he wants, even if he mostly points and grunts to get it. And when you do finally guess what he's trying to get you to do, his face lights up, and he says, "Uh huh! Wight!" He's a good boy. A perfect little mama's boy. Gives me all the cuddles! :)

You all know this has been a trying time for us. I've spent more time alone with my kids this month than I ever have. I've sat around a table with them, put them to bed, been with them around the clock...on my own. I know Eric and I will always remember this particular time in our lives. Where we are heading is unclear, but this time has clearly been the end of what we've known and the beginning of something new. I'd like to think that at some point things will go back to the way they always were, things ever go back to the way they always were? Not sure about that.

Our children have been keeping busy and having a fun summer. While we parents may remember this as a difficult time, our children probably won't. And that's good. Just trying to keep things normal for them. June is gone, and I could have never known, but I'm glad to see it go! Just looking ahead now, and really hoping that at some time in July we have a breakthrough. I know Eric wants it, too. He is tired. He'll be taking one of his longest trips yet starting on Sunday. 

To quote a funny little fish, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...."

Swimming right into July!

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