Friday, August 7, 2015

Back to Our Random Life!

I would just like to take a minute to introduce you to my alter-ego, Mr. Corn.

Hey, Mr. Corn.

Reagan has this new thing. He is very into the whole world of imagination these days, and literally every five minutes (all stinkin day long) my child approaches me asking, "You wanna play? You wanna play?" And then he shoves this corn guy in my hands. It is then my job to act out various scenarios with a two year old child who barely speaks himself, as he pretends to live in a world of talking cars and talking corn. It's great! It was so super cute the first...dozen or so times. 

But now. I am physically attached to Mr. Corn. I am not allowed to walk two steps into another room without speaking for Mr. Corn. I AM Mr. Corn. 

How can I say no to my only son's sweet requests and those big baby blues?? (Hint: I can't. That's why I'm stuck here.) My only hope is that he latches on to some new thing as soon as possible, haha. Someday Eric and I will look back on this precious time when our son so desperately wanted our attention. And we'll forget that giving him that attention meant we couldn't say, do, think, or accomplish anything else all day long. Nostalgia will conveniently erase all of that. :) For now I make an effort to appease my future self by trying my best to put down whatever I'm doing when that cutie asks, "You wanna play?" The look on his face when I answer, "Yes, I do!" is just too priceless.

When I'm not acting out stunt shows and soap operas with plush food, I am taunting my children with Disney World trips they don't know they are taking. Mwahaha....

Look what came in the mail this week:

That would be the best season of Full House ever, and you might be able to guess just why I think that is. The very last two episodes are called "The House Meets the Mouse" and they are the classic episodes that anyone who is anyone remembers from when the Tanner family went to Disney World. Gah, that's like the crux of my childhood, haha.

Michelle as princess for the day...Danny and Vickie eating at the Coral Reef restaurant...Joey and Jessie in the underwater ball...the piano scene at the Grand Floridian - COME ON, who doesn't remember the piano scene? This is good stuff. The Disney episodes are very hard to catch on regular television and are often skipped in the re-run lineup. So right away I popped that sucker in the dvd player and the kids and I sat down to watch. What came next brought me great joy.

As soon as the camera panned down on an aerial shot of Cinderella Castle I thought my son was going to "DISNEY WORLD!!" I am telling you this child has a vocabulary of like 10 words. He never talks. Well, at least not in English. I didn't know if he even remembered Disney World, so imagine my shock as I watch him hooting and hollering, jumping on the couch and actually saying "Disney World!" The boy was excited. He laughed and laughed any time there was a character on the screen.

Holy crap. Let's get this kid to Disney - stat! :)

The girls were equally glued to the TV. Halfway through, Gracie gave a sigh and said, "I want to go back bad."

Whew, stay strong, Adrien. Stay strong. "Me too," I said. 

There was a little bit of motive behind showing them this, I'm not going to lie. I have been working my tail off trying to secure reservations and things, and it just so happens that we will be visiting some of the very same spots featured in those episodes. We'll be having lunch at the Coral Reef restaurant in Epcot...breakfast at the Grand Floridian hotel, where we'll walk right by that famous piano. Basically, I need to give my children a healthy appreciation for the places they are about to see. ;) Cause this mom is probably going to be fan-girling just a little bit over fish tanks and baby grands. Just a little bit.

In other news, Eric has been in Boston for the past few days. We can't WAIT to have him home tonight. And when daddy is gone all of my children usually end up piled in my bed. This is what I wake up to....

That would be three different sets of entangled feet. Haha. Made me laugh, so of course I took a picture of it. Just one big happy family pile. :D

Yes, this post is completely random, and I'm taking that as a sign that maybe things are normalizing a bit around here...or at least that my brain is. I'll take random any day! 

Next week is our kids' LAST week of summer vacation. Holy cow! I'm hoping for a good weekend, and praying that maybe, just maybe...Eric won't have to travel next week. That's a BIG maybe. But a girl can dream. :) For those of you local parents that still have some back-to-school shopping to do, don't forget that this is Missouri's tax-free weekend! We may just have to take the girlies clothes shopping one day. Oh darn. ;) Hope you have a great weekend yourself!

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Cassie said...

seriously - best mom ever. you just got it all together!!

and don't you worry, i may not get the best sleep when my kids all pile in my bed, but i think to myself, man i love this feeling.


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