Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Birthdays and Back to School!

Whew! I hate it, but it's so easy to neglect the blog when our schedule gets topsy turvy!

Last week I left you with the passing of my grandpa. Eric was supposed to be in California last week, but because of the circumstances he was home with us instead. And he wasn't the only unexpected person in town! My little sister made the drive from North Carolina and spent the week at home for a very nice impromptu visit. It just so happens that Shannon and I share a birthday month, our birthdays are four days apart actually, so while she was home my mom decided to have a little party for the both of us to celebrate. :)

Last Thursday we all got together for a barbecue. It was a beautiful day. Uncle Roger helped Grace perfect her washers game, and all of the kids had fun running around in the fresh air. Good food, good people!

Shannon and I are both entering new decades of our lives. This year she turns 20 and I turn...dun dun dun...the big 3-0. The thought of turning 30 never bothered me before, but now that I am currently living in my LAST week of my 20's, I'm feeling a little nauseous about it. Mom, are you sure I wasn't born in 1986?

Over the weekend we celebrated another little cutie's birthday, too. Our adorable cousin Tessa is 3! The kids had so much fun playing at aunt Amy's. I'm glad we were able to get the kiddos together before the start of the school year. And that brings us to life right now....

We are in the throws of the first week back to school. Things are going great so far, and I am NOT sad about it, haha. The girls were asking for the start of school for quite a while...especially Gracie. She was so ready to go back!

On Monday night we took the girls to their open house to meet their teachers and drop off school supplies. Evelyn was very excited to get her teacher of choice for the school year, Mrs. Ratz. Mrs. Ratz was her uncle John's teacher last year. And it worked out so nicely that John's new classroom is literally right across the hall from Evie's, so they are able to easily meet up every day after school and walk to grandma's house where I am waiting.  (Grandma and grandpa live right next to the school... just a stones throw away.) I have high hopes for a great year!

Both girls were thrilled for their first day of school yesterday! Evelyn is a first grader - say what?

Eric always takes the day off of work so that he can take both of the girls for their first day. He led Evelyn to her classroom, a task he said he wasn't even needed for, but of course loved doing it anyway. Evie knows where she is going. :)

Later when we took to Grace to preschool, he scooped her up and told her that she wasn't allowed to go and that she had to stay home with him forever, haha.

"No no no!" As I've said, Grace was READY. There was no way she was coming home with us! Unfortunately, Reagan was also ready. Once again this year we had to tell him that it wasn't quite his turn. Boy, did that make him upset. That kid wants to go to school and cries all the way back to the car when he isn't allowed to stay. But there's nothing that a little pasta from a favorite local restaurant won't cure. :)

We parents always treat ourselves to a first day back lunch, haha.

I am happy to report that both girls had wonderful first days of school. Daddy decided we needed to make a special trip to Sonic afterwards for slushies to celebrate. (Seriously, why can't he be home with us every single day? That money thing....psh.)

But sadly we had to say goodbye this morning. Eric is flying back to New York for a couple of days after work this evening. Thankfully he'll be back late Friday night, just in time to start my 30th birthday weekend. I'm finishing out this first week of school flying solo. I hope and pray my alarm goes off every morning. :) The morning routine is not my thing. If school ran from 10:00-5:00 instead of 8:00-3:00 I'd be in Heaven! Trying not to remind myself that if I'd chosen to homeschool our day would have been from like 10:00-2:00. Haha. Darn it. Very thankful for grandma Joan who picks Evelyn up for school so that I don't have to load all of the other kids up in the morning!

I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Praying for those who need our prayers, and I know there are several of you. Still waiting for life to slow down here, but we're reluctantly getting better at juggling the chaos. Later, friends!

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Cassie said...

love this!! love your little family.

yay for a great start to a new school year!


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