Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Going Home

Hello, friends! Our week is all kinds of mixed up. Eric and I looked at each other last night and said, "Tomorrow is only Wednesday??"

My grandpa Linnertz (my mom's dad) passed away over the weekend. He had very recently been diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer, and only five days later he was gone. I know our family was praying for as quick and easy of a time as possible for him, and I do believe those prayers were answered. He said that he was ready to go...that he missed his parents and brothers and was just ready to go home. :) My grandpa was 81 years old. I will always remember him as someone who was super friendly to everyone and who always had a smile. That's how Eric remembers him, too.

Grandpa never could quite say my name just right. He called me "Adreen" my entire life, and even as a kid it never occurred to me to mind. That was just what grandpa called me! I hardly remember a time that I didn't see him with a John Deere hat on his head and blue jeans on. His nickname was "Shorty" and well, I think you can see why....

We are a petite people. :D

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Yesterday ended up being a gorgeous day to say goodbye. Until we meet again!

So now...rewind the clock a bit. Last week the girls got to go on a peach picking adventure with their grandma at one of our very favorite places....

They brought home some delicious peaches, which we promptly turned to peach crisp - of course! I think I love fruit crisps even more than pies. I always DOUBLE the amount of crisp that any recipe calls for. You just can't have enough of that crunchy sweet goodness. :)

For some reason I have a picture of our baking station, so here ya go!

 We love making a right mess in the kitchen, obviously.

This was the first of two that we made over the weekend. Hey...aint no better way to eat a peach! ;)

Late on Friday night Eric came home to us from Boston....

You would think by now the traveling would get easier...something we're just used to. Nope. Hate it every time. Haha. Eric is homesick and we're Eric sick the entire time he is gone. So we were more than ready for a night out on Saturday. 

I mean, we were both pinching ourselves to stay awake the whole evening, but it was still so good to be back together again! Saturday is still the best.

The next few days were spent relaxing, walking, a little bit of work thrown in there...

Oh, and shh....

Magic Bands are here! Our family has officially outgrown one box of magic bands, haha. Thank goodness these things are delivered in an inconspicuous box! Last night on our walk, Evelyn said, "Oh, I just cannot stop thinking about going back to Disney World for some reason!"

I turned to Eric and we chuckled. "Couldn't possibly be because of all the Disney World shows I've been turning on." We leave in just over three weeks. There is so much we have to do before then!

It's just a few more days at home before we start our back-to-school schedule. I feel like everything is coming to a head so quickly, and I'm woefully unprepared for it. This life thing. It keeps happening, like it or not. Time keeps moving forward even though Eric and I wish it would stop already. We're looking forward to reclaiming some of our family life back this Fall. We'll never get the summer when Charlotte was a newborn and our kids were 6, 4, and 2 back again - a fact that weighs heavy on Eric's heart, I know. He misses home. We miss him. :) I think I may have said that already. There's no place like home.

So we're soaking up these last few days of summer break! I better get back to it. Hope you all are having a great day. :)

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