Monday, August 3, 2015

The Weekend I Got My Husband Back

This weekend was JUST what the doctor ordered. I was able to spend so much time with Eric, which was totally his doing, and I'm so thankful to him for it. It's not as if he didn't have plenty of work to do...he just allowed it to hit the back burner a bit to prioritize his time for our family Haha. He may have been up until after midnight last night making up for it, but I don't think either of us regret the time we spent together. :)

THANK YOU so much for the encouragement last week, friends! I went to my doctor's appointment on Thursday and explained everything that had happened to me. And basically, there were no concerns on their end. My body is fluctuating and readjusting after baby. When I shared my symptoms, my OB did mention that it was possible I had a little cyst or something but did not seem worried about it. So...okay then! I do feel like I am in a much better place emotionally, and it feels great to feel great. We received messages and cards, and even some sweet gifts...seriously, we have the best friends. Every little gesture helped to perk me up!

Eric ended up having to spend an extra night in New York last week, and he took a morning flight home on Thursday and then worked from home. While he was on the phone and computer most of the morning, it still felt like we had an extra long weekend! He was able to take me to my appointment and to grab dinner afterwards...I haven't cooked since last Wednesday, haha. A luxury in itself, which any mom will tell you.

On Friday we planned to take the kids out for a family day. Our first stop was lunch. This picture was taken as we were leaving the house. That would be before we hit the Pizza Hut buffet for the kids and my baby pooped ALL OVER my shorts. I'm not talking about a little bit, I'm talking an obscene amount. An obscene amount of poop all over the front of me and many laughs from an adoring audience of restaurant patrons as I held my baby at arms length and waddled out the door. Never ever in all my baby days has such an explosive event occurred. But here we are before the drama....

We tried to get Reagan in the picture, too...but he hasn't quite grasped the concept of "leaning in." 

Oh wait, there he is...

Well, we tried. :D

We took the kids to see Inside Out...finally! They loved it. Baby Charlotte got to go to her very first movie, which is something we wouldn't have even dreamed of doing a baby or two ago. But you know what - when you've got four kiddos, the younger one just has to come along sometimes. Something tells me she will get to do a lot of things before the other kids did!

As you might expect, I got to see the first ten minutes and last twenty minutes of the movie, and I spent the rest of the time walking around popcorn machines and blinky lights with Charlotte. But that's alright, it was all about the kids after all. And Eric. Eric loved the movie. I guess my verdict will come when it comes out on dvd. Ha!

Saturday is always my favorite day. Of course Eric still works, but it's a different job and a different mindset all together. We can chat all day and make plans for our date night, which is precisely what we did. There were errands to run and meals I didn't have to cook. Yes, Saturday is my favorite day. Eric is a fine date. A fine date, indeed. 

And on Sunday there were more last minute errands to run, and as usual, it was the only day my husband didn't have to hurry off to a job. We did something awesome in the really, the kids are going freak out...and I'll tell you all about that tomorrow. That evening we loaded everyone up and took a long walk. It was my bright idea to pack a "dinner-to-go" so that the kids could have a picnic of sorts while we were walking. Eric and I had eaten a huge lunch earlier in the day while the kids hung out with grandparents and weren't even a little bit hungry for a big meal.

I'm not really sure why I thought this was a great idea. Sticky peanut butter and jelly. Lemonade was spilled before we ever left the driveway. Chocolatey striped shortbread cookies for "dessert" in nearly 90 degree heat. I mean, it was a good thing I remembered the paper towels!

But the kids did think it was neat. Haha.

I have pictures of the family pre-walk, but that's on Eric's phone which is not currently synching up with this computer. Boo! 

The moral of this story isn't that we did anything spectacular but that we just had TIME together. Oh my gosh, how much we can take that for granted. We are not super wealthy or anything so...don't get me wrong when I say this...but if there is one thing I have learned over the past couple of months it's that you could not pay me (or Eric more like, haha)  enough money EVER to equal what it means to be together and make memories. I just do not get my kicks from stuff. We have accepted our fate that while we keep thinking the end is near we don't actually know when the end of this crazy time will be. There really is no for sure end in sight. But having these little breaks does help.

Speaking of breaks...I can't wait to share something fun with you tomorrow. I've been sitting on this for almost two months! Stay tuned....


Heather said...

You two are what my relationship goals are made of.

Adrien said...

That is just about enough to make me cry, Heather Rahn! Well friend, I always prayed for my best match and for whomever would make me happiest in this life, and I will surely pray the same for you. You deserve that.

Christine Pettijohn said...

Happy to see you are feeling better. I have been praying for you. So nice to have family time and happy the doctor went well. Stuff like that can be so scary I know.


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