Monday, August 24, 2015

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving ;)

Bahaha...I had to say it. Who doesn't love that movie? If you don't, we just cannot be friends anymore.

Well I am definitely thirty now. Not so flirty, unless you ask Eric! (He's a good looking dude, what can I say?) And feeling pretty good on the thriving part today. :) We had a great weekend ringing in a new decade for yours truly. My 30th birthday was on Sunday. I had mixed emotions over the whole thing. I'm not sure if anyone enjoys adding numbers to their age past, say...25 years old or so...but I have so much to look forward to in this decade that I almost welcome it like an old friend. Or, more like one that I have really wanted to meet!

Truth is, I have been preparing for this birthday for quite some time now.

This is Evelyn's attempt at taking a picture of me on my LAST day in my twenties! :)

And here we are on my LAST date night at 29. Yes, the know this about me.

We are so awesome cruising the city in our minivan. Full of toys and kid junk. HOT.

I don't regret the way I lived my twenties one little bit, though there is a great portion of the population that likely thinks I'm absolutely nuts. I spent a lot my youthful days pregnant and covered in a variety of baby and toddler goobers. I didn't take a lot of time for myself. I didn't jet set around with my friends and take a lot of vacations. I was a wife and a mom, primarily. And contrary to what many people may believe, I'm not actually a little kid person. I'm not. This is not like my second nature or something. There's a reason why I spent 3/4 of my college career studying to be a Secondary English Education teach high school aged students...not preschool ones. Most of my twenties were anything but glamourous.

I will never get the last decade back, and some people might look at what I "gave up" and feel sorry for all of that "lost time." But I can tell you I was extremely happy most of that time, and I don't feel that I lost a thing. I have gained a lot! But lost? Nope. My twenties were spent laying the groundwork for what could potentially be an amazing decade ahead. It was all, 100%, intentional.

I had my babies in my twenties, so I could ROCK OUT the school aged years in my thirties. I cannot WAIT until all of my babies are in school. It's not because I want them gone all day (okay, not all because of that - ha!) but because school-aged kids ARE my thing. That is where I am in my element. In our pre-marriage counseling I announced (rather boldly) that I wanted a big-ish family, but that I also wanted to be done having kids before I was thirty. Well, look at me. Mission accomplished. :D Yes, yes...I know I'm asking for another "surprise" just by typing that.

We sacrificed a lot early on so that we could travel more, buy a home, do more, give more...this is going to be a FUN few years, I do believe! Eric and I really want to learn things new places, take dance lessons (for real - we're excited about that one)...all the things that are a bit harder to do when we have a bunch of little ones. I'm excited for more TIME during my days. Will I publish a novel in my thirties? I genuinely hope so! A huge goal of mine. There is just so much to look forward to. NO regrets, whatsoever!

Yes...been preparing for this period of my life for a while now. :) And let's be honest...still a few years to go before I'm totally "there" haha.

I started out the decade doing my absolute favorite thing, spending time with my family.

The weather was gorgeous yesterday! The sun was warm, the breeze was cool, and it turned out to be just perfect for a planned trip to the zoo. It was Charlotte's first visit. 

She was riveted I tell you, just RIVETED!

We were looking a little scraggly after a few trips through the cool misters, haha. 

Charlotte was NOT a fan of the dark tunnels on the train ride.'t bode well for a few rides on an upcoming trip we are taking, haha. 

The girls were checking out their kind. ;) I tried to tell Evie that once I went to the zoo and saw some of the cutest zebras ever. One had brown hair and was wearing pink sneakers, and another had blonde hair and was wearing watermelon flip flops. "Really??" she said. She totally didn't get it. Haha.

Before we left the house yesterday we couldn't find Evelyn's sandals anywhere. We looked and looked and looked. When we got to the zoo it was discovered that was because they were on Grace's feet. Ha! See how big they are on her? :)

Here are some of those misters the kids love so much!

They really weren't even that needed, but they were still irresistible.

It was such a great day, and I am so thankful to Eric who put off some of his work a while to make it happen. He even made dinner when we got home. I was impressed. :) Can't think of how I would have changed a thing! And thank you so much for the birthday wishes yesterday - it is always fun to receive them! LOVE my friends and family!

Today it's another beautiful day in the neighborhood, and I'm enjoying our back to school routine so much. I'm feeling very content and blessed at the moment. It won't take long for this peace and serenity to be interrupted by flying cheerios or something, so please...excuse me while I revel in this!

Yep, I'll take 30. So far so good. ;)


Cassie said...

i love this. i think you did some really really great things in your 20s. four really awesome things that i can think of right away ;) you have so much to be proud of. i love "following" you on your life journey and i am really excited to watch the next years.

and keep me updated on those dance lessons, jon has even agreed to do them! yay

Melissa said...

Belated Happy Birthday! I'm sure you'll rock your 30's!


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